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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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<h1>Indio Personal Injury Lawyers</h1>
When someone is negligent in following through on an obligation that may result in harm to another, that person could be found at fault for causing personal injury. Personal injury can be the result of a wide range of incidents from an unsafe product to careless medical care. The California Southern District Court reported 172 personal injury lawsuits were filed in 2013. Insurance companies often offer less compensation than what will be needed to cover losses incurred by personal injury victims. This is when they turn to Indio Personal Injury Lawyers.

Each state has its own particular personal injury laws. Indio Personal Injury Lawyers know the peculiarities of California legislation and how those laws will apply in your case. They also are familiar with tactics insurance companies may try to use to minimize the damage caused by their clients’ negligence. Trying to maneuver the legal system can be exhausting, especially if one doesn’t have expertise in law. It will be to any personal injury victim’s advantage to seek assistance from Indio Personal Injury Lawyers.
<h3>Compensatory Damages</h3>
Compensation is awarded in two different categories: monetary and non-monetary. Trying to determine the actual costs involved can be difficult. Predicting future costs, in addition to the immediate costs already acquired have, to be prefigured.
• Monetary Compensation- Lost wages, plus medical costs must be figured, as well as damages to property, such as an automobile. Costs of recovery and future costs have to be considered. Should a disability be suffered as a result of the negligence, then the cost of living with that disability must also be sought. Prospective complications of a disability will be projected in the damage estimates.

• Non-Monetary Compensation- Personal injuries often involve actual pain and emotional anguish. These are considered when costs are awarded to the plaintiff in a personal injury case.
<h3>Examples of Personal Injuries</h3>
• Individuals- If a driver fails to stop for a red light or stop sign that results in an accident, that driver can be found legally at fault for negligence. Any injuries to another person or persons can result in compensatory damages being awarded.

• Companies- Corporations and businesses have an obligation to design and manufacture safe products and/or services. Take the case of a driver who failed to stop at a stop sign or red light. If the car manufacturer designed a poor brake system, it may not be the individual who was at fault, but the manufacturer of the brake system.

Most people don’t realize their full worth. Indio Personal Injury Lawyers have experience in cases of adequate determinations that cover the costs their clients have suffered due to someone else’s negligence.

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