Every day, hundreds of residents of Alameda rely on buses to get to school, work, shopping plazas, government offices and other important locations. Under California law, bus drivers are required to practice safe and cautious driving habits when transporting passengers throughout Alameda and the surrounding areas. Neglect on behalf of a bus driver or bus company can lead to accidents with plenty of injuries for passengers on board.

Reviewing Bus Safety Records

Alameda lawyers can investigate any issues that are related to mechanical failure or neglect on buses that have been involved in an accident on the road. Failure to make important repairs is defined by law a safety violation for a bus company and its drivers. Lawyers in Alameda can obtain records of annual safety inspections that can reveal any urgent needs for mechanical repairs such as on the brakes, transmission and engine. Improper interior and exterior lighting is also considered a safety violation that lawyers can prove. Additionally, a lack of proper restraining systems such as seat belts can also be proven as a safety violation on a bus. Poorly inflated or worn out tires on a bus are some other common safety conditions that can be linked to increasing the risk of getting into an accident.

Bus Driver Record Check

Lawyers of Alameda can check the driving record of a bus operator that has been involved in a bus accident with on board passengers. Minor moving or traffic violations in private cars and commercial vehicles can be traced for any bus driver. Under California law, a bus driver with a poor driving history is more likely to be held responsible under for a role in a recent bus crash. Alameda lawyers can easily prove if a bus driver has been convicted of major violations such as speeding, DUI or DWI. Additionally, Alameda bus accident lawyers can check if a bus driver that’s been involved in an accident has the proper driving certification.

Representing the Interests of Injured Passengers

Alameda bus accident lawyers can represent the interests of injured passengers that have been victims of a crash. Insurance companies want to minimize the compensation for personal injury and other claims. Alameda lawyers can request that the bus insurance companies pay the appropriate amount for immediate and long term medical expenses that involve physical therapy and other medical tests such as X-rays.

Any bus accident victim in California has up to six months to file a claim against a bus operating company that’s responsible for a crash. Alameda bus accident lawyers can help injured bus accident passengers receive the maximum compensation and full recovery after suffering at the hands of a bus company due to neglect or other reasons.