Hundreds of Alhambra residents depend on daily bus service to get to important destinations such as work, schools, hospitals and government offices. Under California’s Duty of Common Carrier law, all bus drivers are mandated to practice safe driving habits when transporting passengers.

Unfortunately, the carrier law is sometimes breached and bus accidents occur in California for a variety of reasons. A serious bus crash can significantly disrupt the lifestyle of injured passengers. Surely, the operator of a bus must be held reponsible for any accidents that occur on the road. In such unfortunate cases, passengers may want to consider using Alhambra bus accident lawyers to recover financially and emotionally from a crash.

Bus Driver Record History

Lawyers in Alhambra have the right to fully review the driving record of a bus driver that has been responsible for an accident. Official records from the California Department of Motor Vehicles can reveal if a bus driver has a prior history with traffic violations while operating commercial and passenger vehicles within the state of California. In fact, lawyers can also obtain the driving record of bus drivers that have operated motor vehicles in other states besides California. Previous motor vehicle convictions can indicate if a bus driver is likely to be responsible for a recent bus crash. Additionally, Alhambra bus accident lawyers can thoroughly check the professional training background of a bus driver that is accused of neglect and causing an accident.

Looking at Bus Safety Violations

A bus that has been involved in an accident in Alhambra is most likely to have some sort of safety violations. By reviewing yearly inspection and service records, lawyers can prove that a bus company has neglected certain mechanical repairs. For example, failure to replace worn out brake pads is a safety violation for a commercial bus providing public transportation services. Malfunctions in tail lights and headlamps can also be proven as elements of neglect for a busy that is involved in an accident.

Legal Representation for Bus Passengers

Bus accident victims may struggle to receive a full and fair compensation from the insurance company of a bus operator. Alhambra bus accident lawyers can help injured passengers receive the fair amount of compensation for medical expenses associated with the trauma sustained during a bus accident. Such lawyers can cut through bureaucracy and other legal barriers that may slow down the process of insurance companies giving out payments to passengers.

California state law gives passengers involved in bus accident up to six months to report an official claim against a company responsible for the accident. Alhambra bus accident lawyers can fully represent the interests of injured passengers whose lives have been significantly altered by a bus crash.