Pedestrian accidents occur all the time. The city of Anaheim is the home of over three hundred thousand people, many of whom play the role of pedestrian at any given time of the day. The injuries sustained by pedestrians from accidents on the street typically cause a lot more physical devastation than if they were in a vehicle.

When a person is out and about on the streets, they have no physical protection whatsoever from motorists. The only protection that they have is the law that governs how others drive, as well as the laws that govern their safe passage through the streets. When a pedestrian falls victim to a motorist’s negligence, it’s also the law that can help them get the compensation that they deserve for their injuries.

What makes a person a pedestrian?
A pedestrian is anybody on foot. Just as there are laws for the road, there are laws for pedestrians as well. They often have the right of way at crosswalks. They certainly have the right of way at red lights. Pedestrians should not jaywalk or interfere with traffic. The laws and rules of the road are in place for everybody’s safety. The problem is that even when a pedestrian follows all the rules of the road, they can still find themselves in an accident through no fault of their own.

Do Pedestrians have any recourse in accidents?
Orange County Pedestrians that find themselves in an accident should immediately get in contact with Anaheim pedestrian accident lawyers. If they suffer from injuries that require immediate medical attention, then that’s the first priority. However, the sooner a pedestrian contacts an attorney, the quicker the attorney can get to work on obtaining the compensation that their client needs for those injuries.

A common misunderstanding people have about the law, as it applies to pedestrians, is that they have no recourse. This is especially true of people who receive their injuries from a hit-and-run accident or those that think they are the ones at fault. Sometimes drivers might be drinking while driving, or under the influence of marijuana oil / cbd oil, which causes the accident.  While there are many varying legalities involved, it’s important that people ask a pedestrian attorney rather than assume that there’s nothing they can do about it. If there’s a case, the lawyer can and will help. Even if there isn’t much of a case, a pedestrian attorney can help figure out what the next step.

If you find yourself in an accident as a pedestrian or one that involves a pedestrian, contact Anaheim pedestrian accident lawyers about your possible claim as soon as possible.