When many people fall while walking, they may assume they are clumsy or just have plain bad luck. However, there are times when the fall could land you in the hospital. Sometimes these injuries can even leave you unable to work. If you have had a slip and fall accident in Bellflower, there are lawyers who can help you get the compensation that you deserve.

<strong>Types of Slip and Fall Accidents</strong>

Many times the owner of the location where the fall occurred can be held responsible for your injury. Here are just a few of the scenarios in which you could receive slip and fall compensation.

<ul><li>Uneven Surfaces</li>
<li>Floors that are Wet and Slippery</li>
<li>No Railings</li>
<li>Sidewalks that are in Disrepair</li>
<li>No Proper Lighting</li>
<li>Algae on Floor</li>
<li>Merchandize is Not Stable on the Shelf</li></ul>

Many states require business property owners to be responsible for keeping up with their property in a way that ensures safety. If a slip and fall occurs due to the owner’s property being unsafe, they can be held liable.

<strong>What to Do After a Slip and Fall</strong>

You will need to gather all the evidence after a slip and fall accident. One main thing that could help you win your claim is to take pictures of the scene right away. This way, the owners do not have time to fix the problem before you come back. It is important to get the contact information of any witnesses. This way you can contact them later for a formal statement. Also, after leaving the place of the fall, seek immediate medical attention. Keep all records that are given to you as proof of what injuries resulted from the fall. After the incident, write down everything that you remember. Keep a journal of all daily activities that you can no longer participate in. This shows that the fall caused a significant negative impact on your life.

<strong>How a Bellflower Lawyer Can Help</strong>

It is best to go in for a free consultation with a lawyer after your slip and fall. Finding a Bellflower lawyer that is experienced with slip and fall cases is important. They can talk with you about your case and make a determination if the case is worth fighting based on their knowledge and experience. If the case is heard by a judge, a Bellflower lawyer can ensure that your rights are protected.