A significant amount of passengers in Buena Park rely on daily bus service to get to schools, colleges, work, doctor’s offices and government buildings. The state of California mandates that a common carrier law is to be followed by all bus operators.

Unfortunately, the responsibility of a bus driver to transport passengers safely is sometimes not met. An array of mechanical problems or even distractions can lead to serious bus accidents that cause injuries to all passengers that are on board.

Driving History Check

Buena Park bus accident lawyers have the right to fully investigate the driving record of a bus driver that is charged with being irresponsible during a crash. In fact, such records can be easily obtained from California’s department of motor vehicles. The records can indicate any previous charges that range from minor traffic violations to more serious incidences involving personal injury and accidents. Additionally, Buena Park lawyers can also get out of state driving records of a bus operator involved in a crash. Last but not least, the certification of a bus driver that has crashed a bus must be thoroughly checked to guarantee that he or she was trained for the position.

Reviewing Safety Issues and Negligence

Under California law, all buses must be subject to annual inspections that check for safety and emissions violations. A inspection sheet can provide some insight into the causes of a bus accident. For example, poorly inflated tires and worn brake pads can lead to accidents for a large bus carrying passengers. A bus operating company can be held responsible for all of the damage involved in an accident if such an incident can be linked to neglect related to mechanical repairs. The interior of a bus must also be inspected for safety issues such as proper restraining systems and emergency exits through windows and hatches. In fact, a bus operator that’s involved in an accident can be charged with neglect if no fire extinguishers were present on board during a crash.

Legal Voice for Injured Passengers

Injured passengers that have been involved in a bus accident in Buena Park may have major legal barriers to cross before getting any compensation. Buena Park bus accident attorneys can provide full legal representation for all victims that have been hurt physically and emotionally in a crash. Lawyers can request that bus insurance companies pay for all accident related expenses including emergency room visits, physical therapy and even surgery.

Any bus accident victim in California is given up to six months to file a charge against a bus operator responsible for the crash. Buena Park bus accident lawyers can provide the proper legal assistance to retain full compensation for all personal injuries.