Sustaining a personal injury as the result of another person’s negligent or reckless conduct can have devastating consequences. An injured person can suffer excruciating pain, be required to undergo extensive medical procedures and treatments, including major surgeries and can end up permanently disabled. When a person is injured through no fault of his or her self, he or she needs to consider the benefits associated with retaining the professional services of experienced Buena Park personal injury lawyers.

Compensation of Personal Injuries

The types of compensation available to a person injured in California are more complex than the typical person realizes. (In fact, the complexity of California personal injury law, insurance claims procedures and lawsuits underscore the importance of representation by Buena Park Personal Injury Lawyers.)

A person injured because of another’s negligence is entitled to compensation for current and future medical expenses. The medical expenses associated with personal injuries can be extreme.

In addition to money for medical expenses, an injured person is entitled to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, including current and reasonably anticipated future pain and suffering. In some cases, pain and suffering associated with a personal injury caused by another’s negligence can be severe.

Other types of compensation includes payment for current and future lost wages as well as what are known as punitive damages under California law. In California, if the conduct of the negligent person is particularly egregious (or extremely reckless), the injured person may seek punitive damages. These types of damages can be awarded in certain cases as a means of punishing a wrong-doer for being particularly reckless in his or her conduct. California law sets what is known as a cap on punitive damages.

History reveals that an injured person is best able to maximize appropriately his or her recovery by retaining the services of Buena Park Personal Injury Lawyers. The fact is that these attorneys understand how the system works and appreciate what needs to be done to obtain the level of compensation an injured person deserves.

California State of Limitations

California law also establishes what is known as a statute of limitations for personal injury cases. The law establishes a time limitation within which a lawsuit seeking compensation for personal injuries must be filed. As a general rule, a lawsuit based on a personal injury claim must be filed within two years of the accident or incident that gave rise to the injuries sustained in the first instance. Although there are some very limited exceptions to this limitation, if an injured person misses this deadline, he or she likely will be forever precluded from pursuing a lawsuit seeking appropriate compensation for injuries and damages.