If you’re involved in a bus accident in Costa Mesa, you should know the statute of limitations and what else you need to know. For instance, failure to file a claim in a six month period will exceed the statute of limitations and forgo their ability to file a claim for injuries at a later date.

Injuries that are sustained on buses are different from cars because bus occupants typically do not wear seatbelts. Bus injuries can be significantly greater than if they are sustained in a car. The government and private bus companies will often have their investigation teams gather evidence after an accident, but it’s also the responsibility of the injured party to ensure that it’s collected. Attorneys can help to reduce the liability of bus companies blaming other drivers. This will also prevent bus riders from exaggerating injuries.

Know the Statute of Limitations

If you’ve suffered serious injuries due to a bus, don’t waive your right to sue for financial compensation. Speak with attorneys about your injuries and determine if they are worthy of receiving compensation. Even if you’re simply depressed, it could be grounds for compensation. It’s best to file a claim for compensation before the issues blossom into full blown problems. Once the statute of limitations has past, there is no recourse to file a claim. Plan ahead and file a claim as soon as possible.

Reasons to Secure a Personal Injury or Bus Accident Lawyer in Costa Mesa

If you have surmounting bills from a bus accident, you’ll need an attorney to recoup charges. You can secure funds for the bills you accumulate if you secure an attorney. There is nothing to lose if attorneys are secured on a contingency basis. This means the client only pays if damages are collected.

Attorneys should make every effort to represent their clients by gathering as much information as possible about the client and determining what documentation will be necessary to prove that their was negligence involved in the bus accident.

Contact a Costa Mesa bus accident lawyer to help you with your claim. Even if the injuries seem small, you should be proactive and seek compensation for any injury that may occur in the future. Contact a skilled attorney and schedule an initial consultation. The best attorneys offer free consultations and will provide the best advice possible. Contact a physician and a Costa Mesa bus accident lawyer as soon as an accident occurs.