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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Downey Personal Injury Lawyers

No Downey resident is safe from being involved in a personal injury. It can happen anywhere and at any time. All that residents can do is prepare and know what to do after the accident. With the right information, Downey residents can make the process of working with Downey Personal Injury Lawyers much more efficient.

Meeting with the Lawyer

After talking on the phone, a personal injury lawyer will want to consult with his or her client. However, many Downey residents have no idea what items they need to bring to the meeting. It’s best to bring all relevant documents and paperwork to the meeting.

Examples of these documents are eyewitness accounts, doctor papers and police reports. Basically, anything that can be used to prove your case. It’s also a good idea to bring any written statements, which detail what happened before, during and after the accident that caused the injuries. Doctor bills and medical reports are important documents to bring.

The victim will need to show the true extent of their injuries, so medical bills and similar documents help to show the severity of injuries. Downey residents should also bring any information about the person who caused the accident, which might also include photographs. If the case involves property damage, then it would be useful to bring photographs that show the damage.

Downey Personal Injury Lawyers need all of the information that their clients can give them, so anything that will make the case easier to prove is crucial. However, if a victim hasn’t collected any documents before the meeting, then there is nothing to worry about. As part of the investigation process, a personal injury lawyer can obtain all of the necessary documents.

The Victim Died Before Taking Legal Action

In some cases, a victim might pass away before they have the chance to take legal action against the party who caused their injuries. If a person’s injuries cause them to die, their heirs gain the ability to take legal action for them, which is called a wrongful death lawsuit.

Even if a person passes away because of issues unrelated to the original accident, the ability to take legal action remains. Downey Personal Injury Lawyers will educate the victim’s heirs and explain what legal options they have open to them.

A Look at Negligence

A lot of Downey residents might not have a good understanding of what negligence is. A personal injury case involves determining reasonable action in a specific situation. If the person who caused the accident didn’t act in a reasonable way, then he or she would be considered negligent.

When a case goes to trial, it’s up to a judge or jury to determine if the opposing party acted in a way that was negligent or reasonable. However, this conclusion takes place after all of the evidence has been presented. These are a few of the common questions that residents might have before consulting with Downey Personal Injury Lawyers.

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