Every morning in Huntington Beach, people from all walks of life begin their days not realizing that before the sun sets they will suffer injuries because of the negligence of some other person or business enterprise. As Huntington Beach personal injury lawyers will confirm, in some of these cases, the personal injuries sustained by innocent people can have truly life altering consequences.

Types of Damages in a Typical Personal Injury Case

Although each and every personal injury case is unique, there are certain types of damages and injuries commonly sustained by a person who is the victim of another’s negligence. High on that list is pain and suffering. An individual who suffers a personal injury typically is entitled to be paid compensation for pain and suffering.

Other types of damages and injuries associated with a personal injury claim or case include lost wages, medical expenses and payment for any permanent disfigurement or impairment that is associated with the accident or other negligent conduct.

When Someone (or Some Business) is Responsible for Injuries

California law establishes some factors that dictate when a person (or business) is responsible or liable for the damages and injuries sustained by someone. First of all, the individual or business must have a duty to the injured person. For example, a store owner has a duty to keep the floors in a shop clean and clear. A driver has an obligation to operate a motor vehicle in a lawful, careful manner.

In addition to a duty to the injured person, the individual or business that caused the accident or incident must have breached that duty. For example, a store owner who knows of a liquid on the floor fails to clean it up in a reasonably timely manner.

The Importance of Legal Representation

An advisable course to take in the aftermath of an accident is retaining the services of Huntington Beach personal injury lawyers. These lawyers have the experience, training and education necessary to ensure that an injured person is not left out in the cold when it comes to obtaining the compensation they require as the result of the negligence of someone else.

Typically, Huntington Beach personal injury lawyers do not charge a fee unless they obtain a client payment for their injuries and damages. As a general rule, that fee is a percentage of the money a client actually obtains. Statistics demonstrate that people represented by attorneys in personal injury matters not only have a far better chance of obtaining compensation in the first place, they obtain far more money that those who lack legal representation obtain. In other words, Huntington Beach personal injury lawyers represent a wise investment on all fronts.