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Lakewood Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

It may be one of the most quietly peaceful locations in California, but as a steadily growing suburb, Lakewood also sees its fair share of difficulties. For example, as with any developed neighborhood, Lakewood residents slip and fall.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer alone with your injuries. Whether you’ve tripped over a neighbor’s hose or fallen off a broken ladder at work, there are options available to right the wrong of another person’s negligence. If you file a timely lawsuit with experienced personal injury attorneys, you can receive the compensation you deserve to help you get back on your feet after an accident.

<b>Determining Fault</b>

If you’ve been injured on the job, California operates under a no-fault system that means you don’t have to prove blame in order to receive worker’s compensation. If your fall wasn’t that serious, or if you just need a little money to cover your medical expenses or missed time at work, this might be the easier path towards a paycheck.

If you’ve been seriously injured, however, or if you’re permanently out of work because of your condition, you’ll want to file a lawsuit. In these cases, you <i>do</i> need to establish blame. One of the following must be true:

– Someone at work was directly responsible for your accident, like spilling the chemicals that caused you to flounder.
– Someone at work <i>should have been</i> responsible for the hazardous area where you slipped or the broken equipment that engineered your fall.

If you’re suing an individual, like a neighbor whose broken sewage line caused you to trip, blame becomes a bit harder to assign. Make sure you take pictures of the property in order to clearly document the circumstances of your fall.

<b>Filing A Claim</b>

If you’re suing for $5,000 or less, your case will be heard by a judge in California’s Small Claims Court. You may or may not choose to have a lawyer present for these proceedings; they’re much more casual and relaxed than the courtrooms you’ve seen on television.

Claims worth more than $10,000 are handled by the Superior Court. It isn’t likely you’ll see the insides of these buildings, however, because the grand majority of personal injury cases are settled outside of court.

You have two years from the day of your accident to file a claim. The only exception to this statue of limitations is if you received an injury that only became apparent at a later date.

<b>Finding The Right Lawyer</b>

It’s critical that you find a good personal injury lawyer to help you navigate the waters of the U.S. legal system. Contact a Lakewood slip and fall accident attorney today, and see what they can do for you to get your life back on track.

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