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What to look for in a personal injury lawyer

The process of selecting a personal injury lawyer can be challenging, especially because there are many out there. Some nyc personal injury attorneys have their faces and names plastered on billboards while others have offices located in high-rise buildings. Other lawyers don’t even bother to advertise while others work out of strip malls. Attorneys come in all types, and they seem to be everywhere.


After you have been injured due to the negligence of a third party, selecting the right nyc personal injury lawyer can be overwhelming. Some nyc personal injury attorneys specialize in car accidents, workers’ compensation, or slip and falls. It is up to you to select the lawyer that fits in the category where you are seeking representation and compensation.


You need to sit down with your lawyer and discuss your claim and possible methods of handling it. That is one of the ways you can know if the attorney s right for you or not. Most lawyers don’t charge consultation fees. However, you should find out if the legal expert will charge you for an initial interview. Here is how you can find an attorney who will be your best advocate for your compensation claim.


Find a lawyer you can trust


You need to have total confidence in your nyc personal injury lawyer. You don’t want a scenario where you will be second guessing him throughout the case. You can use your network to find an accountable and trustworthy lawyer. Alternatively, you can read through the lawyer’s advertisements. However, avoid using the advertisements as the sole basis for your decision. You can ask friends or family members who have retained personal injury lawyer for recommendations of an accountable and trustworthy attorney. You can also ask for recommendations from previously retained attorneys.


You need to check the lawyers’ rating, regardless of where you find them. You need to be sure that the lawyer is a member of the state local bar association, and that they are in good standing. You can access referral lists from the state bar association, just for confirmation. You can also use online rating guides to get a glimpse of the lawyer’s standing. You can narrow down your options and create a list of three or four attorneys after you get the recommendations and checked ratings.


Factors to consider


A reliable personal injury lawyer should have many years of experience. Such a lawyer knows a lot of claims adjusters since he has handled personal injury cases with several insurance companies. Experienced personal injury attorneys have a reputation for settling cases and getting the right compensation for their clients. The lawyer is aware of all tricks used by insurance companies to evade paying compensations. Therefore, dealing with experienced lawyers is an added advantage for you.


A personal injury attorney should have negotiation skills required to get high settlements for clients. Therefore, at that point, it doesn’t matter whether the lawyer graduated at the top, middle or bottom of the school of law class. Look out for the negotiation skills of the attorney rather than the school of law the lawyer attended. Never take the content you see on TV or a website at face value. Instead, use the information as one of the various things you will put into consideration when deciding. Additionally, having a luxurious office in a fancy building doesn’t guarantee that the personal injury lawyer will deliver a good job. Therefore, avoid choosing an attorney based on appearance alone because you will make the wrong choice.


First contact


Selecting a personal injury lawyer is more personal. You can get recommendations from your family or friends, but you will ultimately rely on your personal experience to decide. You should have confidence in the lawyer you select and their ability to represent your interests.


Your relationship with the attorney may last for months or even years. The relationship begins with the first call you make and the initial consultation. However, an honest evaluation of your experience with the attorney will assist you to decide the right one for you. You need to ask yourself questions such as if the receptionist at the office was polite if the attorney answered all your questions, and if the attorney’s office is organized. Make sure the lawyer is certified and ready to handle your case.

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