If you have been injured in an accident due to no fault of your own, you may be entitled to file a claim for a variety of expenses you incurred as a result. One of the biggest problems for those injured is lost wages due to missed time at work. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, you may benefit from speaking with an attorney for advice on how to recover lost wages.

What Can I Recover?

When you are unable to work due to an accident caused by someone else, you are entitled to file a claim for a variety of expenses. Some of the most common types of expenses reimbursed in these cases include:

  • Lost Wages From Missed Work
  • Ambulance Bills
  • Medical Expenses
  • Cost Of Assistive Devices Such As Wheelchairs Or Crutches
  • Future Lost Wages If Disabled From The Accident
  • Lost Employment Opportunities

What If I Used Sick Or Vacation Time?

It does not matter if you were paid for missed time at work because you had accrued sick leave or vacation time. Since the accident was not your fault, you have the right to use your time off as you choose. In order to be able to be compensated for this time you must prove to the court that:

  • The Accident Caused You To Miss Time From Your Job
  • How Much Money You Would Have Made If You Could Have Worked

How Do I Prove My Lost Income?

Unless you are self-employed, it is relatively simple to prove how much income you’ve lost due to an accident. You can provide copies of your pay stubs or have your employer write a letter detailing how much work you missed and how much you would have made. It is a bit trickier if you are self employed, but you can provide documentation such as appointments you had to cancel after the accident or contracts you could not fulfill due to being injured. While this can be difficult, an experienced attorney can help you prove to the insurance company or court that you have lost income because of the accident.

What If I Can’t Go Back To Work?

If you are permanently disabled due to your accident, your attorney can help you recover money you would have made if you could have made. He will calculate future lost wages because you no longer have the same earning capacity you had before you were disabled. This may also apply if you cannot return to the same line of work and won’t make as much money as you did before. If you are disabled and need to file a claim for loss of earning capacity, it is important to consult with an attorney. It can often be difficult to obtain an accurate figure. If you settle for too little, you may be sorry years later.

How Do I Get Paid For My Expenses?

Obtaining a settlement after an accident is done by filing a personal injury claim. If you have an attorney, he will negotiate with the insurance company for a fair settlement. In the event a settlement amount cannot be reached, your attorney may recommend going to trial. While this is an available remedy, most cases do not go this far. Approximately 80 percent of all personal injury cases are settled without ever going to court.

If you have lost time from work due to an accident, you may be able to get paid. You will greatly increase your chance of success by hiring a personal injury attorney. During a consultation, an attorney will go over the details of your case and come up with a plan of action. You may able to achieve peace of mind, knowing someone is looking out for your best interest in your injury case.

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