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Monterey Park Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Monterey Park is home to wonderful shops, restaurants and other venues into which the public is welcome. On any given day, people from all walks of life can be seen enjoying everything that the community of Monterey Park has to offer.

Sadly, from time to time a person is injured in Monterey Park as the result of a slip and fall accident. The reality is that a person involved in this type of accident can suffer what amounts to very serious injuries, necessitating skilled representation from Monterey Park slip and fall accident lawyers.

Maintaining a Safe Environment

The owner of a business into which the public is invited to enter has what is known as a legal duty under the provisions of California law to keep the premises reasonably safe. A common example of when this duty is not met by a business owner is the proverbial story of a grocery market where some liquid is spilled onto the floor and not cleaned up in a reasonable time period. A customer slips on the spilled liquid, falls to the floor and sustains injuries.

Because the owner of the store failed to maintain a reasonably safe public space, that business may legally be liable for the injuries and damages sustained by the person who fell.

Types of Damages or Injuries

A person who slips and falls and then sustains injuries may be able to obtain monetary compensation for a number of different reasons. A person may be able to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses and permanent disability that might have occurred as the result of the slip and fall incident.

In most cases, Monterey Park slip and fall accident lawyers are in the best position to ensure that an injured individual obtains the full amount of compensation that he or she is due. They understand how to negotiate claim settlements with insurance companies and pursue lawsuits to successful conclusions.

Retaining Monterey Park Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

The process of retaining a qualified attorney to assist in a slip and fall case in Monterey Park commences with the scheduling of an initial consultation. A slip and fall attorney does not charge a fee for a no-obligation initial appointment to consider the ins and outs of a slip and fall case.

As a general rule, Monterey Park slip and fall accident lawyers actually charge a client no fee unless and until they prevail in obtaining compensation for that client. They enter into what is known in California as a contingency fee agreement with their client.

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