Many residents of Paramount depend on bus transportation to get them from place to place. Buses transport workers to and from their jobs, and students are taken to and from school. Also, members of the community rely on buses to take them to stores, medical appointments and other activities. The safety of these passengers is addressed by California state law. It requires that bus operators exercise “care and diligence” when moving riders from place to place. 

However, when this legal requirement is not met, bus passengers may be put in jeopardy. Bus accidents due to mechanical failures or driver error can injure passengers and reduce their quality of life. In such cases, those that are hurt want to hold the offending company responsible, and they look to Paramount Bus Accident Lawyers for help. 

<strong>Investigations into a bus company’s record</strong>

Paramount Bus Accident Lawyers investigate a wide variety crashes that involve buses. The role of the bus driver is a key determination in the investigation of accidents involving tour buses, school buses, public buses, and charter buses. Also, the overall driving record of the operator’s drivers will be reviewed to look for other past accidents. If bus drivers with problem driving records were allowed to drive for the company, negligence may be established. 

<strong>Bus maintenance investigation </strong>

It is also important for there to be an investigation into how the bus company maintained its fleet of vehicles. Were inspections conducted on a regular and frequent basis? Were necessary repairs completed in a timely manner? Buses often run for miles and miles every day through all kinds of traffic. A lack of proper maintenance can sometimes be a key cause of a bus accident. 

<strong>Legal help for the injured</strong>

Those injured in bus crashes may be tempted to try to “go it alone” when seeking compensation for their injuries. However, dealing with the bureaucracy at the bus company, or dealing with its insurer, can be a daunting task sometimes. An insurer may even offer a settlement amount, but how does an injured passenger know if it is fair? Paramount Bus Accident Lawyers are able to assess settlement offers to determine if they are appropriate. Long-term costs can sometimes occur that are not properly accounted for in a settlement offer. For example, rehabilitation expenses may continue to mount for months or years. Paramount Bus Accident Lawyers will fight for client rights so that just compensation is pursued. 

It is important for those injured in bus accidents to understand that state law requires that personal injury civil lawsuits be filed within six months of the date of injury from a bus crash. If you, someone you know, or a family member has been hurt in a wreck, contact Paramount Bus Accident Lawyers to assist you in getting the legal help and the damages that you both need and deserve.