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3 Reasons To Choose Farar & Lewis

  • Personal Attention

    Every single one of our clients has direct 24/7 access to their assigned personal injury attorney. You’re free to call us 24/7, for any issues – and we’ll do our best to help. In the past, we’ve helped clients get medical assistance and care, we’ve helped them get their car repaired, and more. Our goal is to handle everything for you – so you can focus on what’s important: healing. Our team is here to support you in every way possible.

  • Respected Attorneys

    Our personal injury lawyers are recognized leaders in the state of California. Our firm has won ten’s of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients. Our attorneys have been recognized by top lawyer rating platforms, like Super Lawyers, Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the Multi Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and others. Our founding partner Joel Farar – has been named a 2012-2016 Super Lawyers Rising Star – an honor, given to no more than 2.5 of the lawyers in the state of California.

  • No Fee Ever. Unless We Win.

    We’re on your team. That means, we don’t charge any upfront fees. If we can’t get you any compensation – we don’t charge a fee at all. Our personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis – meaning there are no upfront fees. If you don’t have medical insurance – we can even help you get treatment – without any upfront costs. We highly recommend contacting us – in the event you’re involved in accident. You have nothing to lose and the consultation is free.




If you or someone you know needs help, it will cost you nothing to discuss your injury case with an attorney. Give us a call anytime or contact us via the form below.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "I had an accident that almost cost me my life. At first I was not going to pursue a case because, I was thinking how could I afford an attorney being a college student? But Farar Law changed all of..." -Rhyann H.

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  • "I was driving home merging onto the 110 S/B FWY, when I was rear-ended. Immediately, I felt pain to my lower back and neck. Initially I thought I would be okay, but as time went by I wasn't feeling any..." -Robert F.

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  • "My daughter and I, were victims of a drunk driver. He went off the freeway and landed on my vehicle. My back window was shattered and my baby was in the backseat. Luckily we were okay. Sore and bruised, but..." -Amanda Ortega.

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  • "I had an accident that almost cost me my life. At first I was not going to pursue a case because, I was thinking how could I afford an attorney being a college student? But Farar Law changed all of..." -Fabian V.

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Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

The roadways in and around the Los Angeles area are filled with major traffic congestion. Rush hour is crazy, and the traffic just seems to be getting worse. Campaigns to encourage people to get out of the car and on a bike, have been successful. More and more people are parking the cars and grabbing a bike for their commute to work.

More Bikers Means More Accidents

Seeing bikers on the roads now has become commonplace, however, many still do not respect them. Car/bike collisions are becoming all too common in this region. A cyclist, like a pedestrian, always has the right of way. A car must yield to those on a bike. When a driver gets their license, this is one of the first things they learn. However, most people forget this rule when they are on the roadways. They view bikers as a burden. People in LA are always in a hurry to get where they are going, and they seldom slow down for bikers. Many try to go around and accelerate to avoid bikers.

Bikers Have No Protection

A car provides the driver with a great deal of protection. Should the car be in an accident, the metal exterior will shield them, not to mention all the safety features in cars. Consequently, a biker has no protection. Though helmets are advisable, many do not wear them. There is no physical protection of the skull, back, or anything else. Therefore, so many of these accidents take a life or leave someone with serious injuries. Surprisingly, most accidents occur because a motorist does not give the biker the respect and room they need.

Getting Legal Help

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, you have rights. To protect your rights, you will need an experienced personal injury lawyer. To effectively try a bicycle accident case, you need an attorney that has years of experience handling a wide range of personal injury matters. They must be fluent in the language of California’s automobile, insurance, and liability laws. All avenues of resolution must be explored for a favorable outcome in bicycle accident cases.

Understanding The Process

First, you call into your office and schedule a consultation. During this session, we will go over the facts regarding your potential case. There must be proof of the other parties’ negligence. Keep in mind that not every accident is grounds for a lawsuit, we must examine the facts in the case. This session will not cost you anything. All work done through our office is done on a contingency basis. That means if we do not win, you do not owe us for our time. Because of our fee structure, we only take cases that we feel confident we can win. If you agree to let us handle your case, then we will draft the necessary documents and have you sign. As your retained counsel, we will begin the research part of the claim to get our facts in order.

Negotiations Attempts

The next step in the process is to negotiate with the other party. In almost all cases, we will do our dealings with an insurance company and not the person driving the car. Many claims can be resolved without going to court. We use specific formulas to come up with the total value of your claim. This number is comprised of lost wages, pain and suffering, quality of life, type of injuries, and other factors. Next, we write a demand letter and submit our request for compensation. This is the point where we begin negotiation back and forth. Since we have so much experience with insurance companies, we know who is eager to settle and those that will likely go to court.

Most insurance companies want to settle for as little as possible. It is very costly to go to court and litigate. Thus, they will usually present some settlement offer, even if it is laughable amounts at first. The more severe the injuries, the more apt they are to try to settle for a fair amount. However, if they feel that compensation is not warranted, they will fight hard to keep from paying anything. If negotiations are unsuccessful, we file a claim in court.

Things That You Should Know

One of the most important things you can do after any accident is to seek medical care. A medical professional must assess the extent of your injuries. These findings will become paramount in our case. Even if you do not feel hurt after the incident, you still need to be checked out. In many cases, injuries will not present themselves till a few days later. This is especially true when there are muscular damages. If you do not go right after the accident, make sure to see someone at least within the first 24-hour period.

Another thing to keep in mind is that anything you say will be used against you during court. Never speak to anyone but your attorney. The other insurance company may call you and want to record a statement. They can use this statement to try to twist your words. For instance, if you tell the agent that you are fine, they may take this as you are feeling great and use it in court. Let the attorney talk to the insurance company. When you retain counsel, you let them handle everything from that point forward.

Know that these cases may take some time to settle. It depends on the complexity of the accident and the injuries. Some cases can be settled in as little as two months while others may take a couple years. The law dictates how long you have to file a personal injury claim, two years, but they do not dictate when a case must be settled by.

If you or someone you know needs help, it will cost you nothing to discuss your injury case with an attorney. Give us a call anytime or contact us via the form below.

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