Many California occupations involve some extremely dangerous work conditions. People who work in factories or plants, on construction sites or assembly lines and in other hazardous work environments face an increased risk of suffering an on-the-job injury that has the potential to impact them for the rest of their lives.

When these injuries occur as the result of defective equipment, the negligence of an on-site contractor or some other party that is not the victim’s employer, it may create grounds for a separate personal injury claim. These are complex cases that require the attention of a skilled attorney. At the law firm of Farar & Lewis LLP, we have extensive experience resolving a variety of these cases.

Ready To Help With Any On-The-Job Injury Claim

In every case, we take the time to understand the full extent of your injuries and how they will impact you over the short and long term. We seek maximum compensation for your medical care, pain and suffering, loss of income and earning capacity, and other considerations. We work with medical specialists and life-planning experts so that we can present the strongest possible argument in support of your claim for damages.

We handle cases involving any type of injury on the job, including those arising from the following:

  • Defective machinery or equipment
  • Negligent use of equipment, including forklifts and cranes
  • Defective power tools
  • Negligent behavior by an on-site contractor or vendor
  • Work-related auto accidents
  • Negligent maintenance of equipment by an outside vendor

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