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Placentia Bus Accident Lawyers

Public transportation in Placentia is a convenient and cost-effective way to travel to work or throughout all of Orange County. While buses are typically safe alternative, with so many private passenger and commercial vehicles on the road, bus accidents can and do happen frequently. Licensed commercial bus drivers and companies are required by state law to exercise caution whenever transporting occupants from one location to another. If you are ever occupying a bus that crashes, there is a chance that the company or the operator breached the law and put you at risk of serious injury.

California law has a long list of Duty of Care civil codes that state that bus companies must use care and diligence when transporting passengers. This Duty of Care code even supersedes the the duty that the company and the operator has to other operators on California roadways. While no bus company can absolutely guarantee safety, all companies must use the utmost care, hire good drivers, maintain carriages to reduce hazards, and exercise caution to a reasonable degree. If an accident happens and passengers are injured, the injuries can affect their ability to work and maintain their quality of life. In this event, injured parties will need to hire Placentia bus accident lawyers to better understand their options and their legal rights in filing a personal injury claim.

What Will Placentia Bus Accident Lawyers Do For Clients?

Represent Injured Occupants During Mediation, Arbitration, and Trial

All private passenger drivers, commercial drivers and bicyclists have a duty to exercise caution while on the road, but common carriers licensed to transport people in the state of California have a duty that is higher than the average person to prevent accidents and prevent injury. Anyone who is injured can file a personal injury lawyer in court to seek compensation for items such as: lost wages, medical bills, lost future wages, pain and suffering, medical equipment, funeral costs, rehabilitation costs, and loss of companionship.

Hiring Placentia bus accident lawyers can give injured passengers leverage when dealing with insurance companies, and more power if there is no way to reach a settlement. By hiring personal injury attorneys who are familiar with Duty of Care civil codes, you will have a legal expert by your side for faster recovery. Claimants can get the compensation that they deserve without accepted less.

Investigating Bus Accidents to Uncover the Root Cause

Being able to prove that a company or an operator was negligent for an accident can help make recovery easier. When a party is injured in a bus crash, the cause of the crash and role of the driver and the actual bus in the cause must be uncovered. Placentia bus accident lawyers will retrieve the driver’s driving record and employment record to see if there is a history of accidents and unsafe driving. Lawyers will also request fleet maintenance and inspection records to assess the condition of the bus at the time of the accident. The information that is gathered may help prove that the company was negligent and violated California civil code.

In the state of California, anyone injured in an accident is required by law to file a claim for their injuries within 6 months of the date of the accident. The sooner that the claim is filed, the easier it can be to find good representation to investigate the accident and help you seek compensation. If you know anyone who has suffered a loss due to an accident, it is time to call skilled Placentia bus accident lawyers for help.

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