<strong>The Tragic Event</strong>

It is tragic for anyone to themselves experience, or know of a friend or family member that has been struck by a careless driver. Automobiles are dangerous machines that are capable of moving at high rates of speeds.

When a driver is distracted, careless or intoxicated, these high speeds of an automobile can and will cause detrimental damages to both a pedestrian’s life and physical body. The ability to increase the rate at which a two ton object moves also increases the rate at which that object can lose control.

Because these are inevitable issues that automobiles bring to society, there is a steady need for laws that protect and establish guidelines for pedestrians especially when they are the ones most negatively affected.

<strong>How To Solve It</strong>

As result of these potential issues that a pedestrian might face, there is a great need to find a competent lawyer once an accident with a pedestrian has occurred in San Bernardino. When searching for the right San Bernardino lawyer that protects their pedestrian clients, there are a few factors that must be sought after.

A pedestrian lawyer must be familiar with pedestrian law and how drivers of a vehicle are evaluated when determining fault and its obvious points of blame. There is usually an array of compensation needed for a pedestrian that has been struck by a car, so clearly deciding fault is not a light issue.

<strong>Finding Fault</strong>

When your San Bernardino pedestrian accident lawyers are analyzing the behavior and actions of the driver at fault, they will declare very specific boundaries. Those boundaries that a driver can cross to determine fault are: whether or not they were distracted, intoxicated, clearly breaking standard laws, reckless or careless when children were obviously present.

Once an informed lawyer establishes any of the above as immediate truths, a clear determination is made as to who is at fault. The pedestrian can also be at fault, but it is common in modern court cases of pedestrian accidents that the driver is found liable.


At this point, compensation and its complete amount is now determined. The variety of aspects used to estimate any compensation will verify how much the victim will receive. During the entire precedence, the insurance company of the driver will attempt to minimize the understanding of fault that has been laid on the driver. This will be an attempt of the insurance company to limit how much they are liable to aide in full compensation to the victim.

The factors for establishing the full amount of compensation include: physical damage, lost hours at work, emotional damage, the need for the victim to change careers with lower pay, stress brought to family and the retribution for medical care that was or needs to be provided to remedy the illnesses or injuries that the victim has endured.