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Can I get reimbursed for the time that I’ve had to take time off work because of my car wreck injuries?

It happens if you’re injured, unable to return to work, and you can’t get paid as a result of your injuries? Can you find a way to be reimbursed for all the money you’re losing? The person who hit you should have to pay you for causing your entire financial life to fall apart, but there aren’t always answers to this question that please the injured party.

Collecting Lost Wages

Call your car insurance agency. There are many car insurance agencies that might offer you a portion of your lost income as a result of an accident, even if it wasn’t your own fault. If your insurance company is willing to do this, you’ll want to call and find out what kind of information they need to make this happen. Is there a document you must fill out, or do you just let them know you are out of work for the time being? You can check your policy for details, including what percent of your lost income the company is willing to pay you, and check to see how long they’re willing to pay you to stay out of work. In addition, you even get compensation for a new car, which we can help you secure through our car leasing partner: Zooomr Car Leases)

The most important thing you can do now is collect all the documentation you need to collect lost wages from your insurance company. All companies are different, but most want to have a copy of your medical records since the accident, a note from your doctor stating your injuries are too severe for you to return to work, and even a letter from your employer stating that you still have a job but they are unable to compensate you when you are not presently working. A copy of the police report is also required. Once you submit all this information to your insurance company, they’ll begin processing your claim to get you some reimbursement for your lost wages.

Calling an Attorney

Sometimes you find it’s difficult to collect lost wages from your own insurance company or the one to blame. This means it’s time to call a personal injury attorney to find out what your options might be. This could include anything from contacting them to file a lawsuit against the other driver or just for legal advice regarding the situation.

It’s also important to note your insurance company might go after the other insurance company of the person at-fault to help pay for the lost wages you’re owed. They might file their own lawsuit, which might limit your ability to file one of your own. An attorney can talk you through this situation and help you figure out where you stand and what legal recourse you have to pursue your lost wages.

Permanent Disability

What happens if your lost wages become permanent as you are unable to return to work due to permanent disability? In a case like this one, you could lose your job and never work again. You can’t survive without income, so you’ll need to file for disability insurance. This is not always enough, especially if you have incurred more medical bills and/or you need lifelong medical care. Now is a good time to start considering a lawsuit to help you recover damages from the accident.

Damages can include medical bills incurred since the accident as well as future medical care and lost wages. Contact an attorney find out what rights you have in this situation, as well as how you can apply them to your everyday life. Do you have a case? Can you collect damages that might help you make these things easier to obtain? You have a right to file a lawsuit when someone else’s negligence ruins your life, and an attorney is here to help you do that with ease.

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