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Can I harm my case by talking to the insurance company on my own?

Whenever you’re involved in a personal injury case, life can become very complicated. Not only are you dealing with pain and suffering from the accident, but you’re also worried about paying medical bills and being unable to work. As a result, you may not be thinking clearly, and be vulnerable to making costly mistakes that could ruin your personal injury case before it begins. One of these mistakes involves talking to an insurance company that represents the defendant in your case, which most personal injury lawyers advise their clients not to do at any time. Unfortunately for those victims who fail to heed this advice, their cases can be harmed to the point of no return. If you’re considering speaking with an insurance company, here are some reasons to think twice before proceeding.

Quick Settlements
Despite the adjuster for the insurance company acting as if they have your best interests at heart, the fact is they are simply trying to coerce you into accepting a quick settlement for as little money as possible. Since insurance companies exist to make a profit, they know that when victims are traumatized by an accident, that’s the moment to strike. Because of this, they will often try to make you feel as if you will not have a strong case against their client, and the smart thing to do will be to settle quickly rather than let the case go to court. However, if you ignore this advice and speak with personal injury lawyers who are experienced in dealing with insurance companies, you are likely to gain much more financial compensation.

Cashing the Check
In some cases when people have spoken with insurance companies, they may receive a check in the mail that will supposedly cover the damages caused by their client. If you receive a check, don’t cash it. If you do, you’ve just surrendered your rights to sue the other party, and in all likelihood have lost a tremendous amount of money in the process. Although the insurance company wants you to think they are doing you a favor by sending you a check, they are really just trying to ensure their client will not be sued for much more money that they will have to pay out. Therefore, never tell the insurance company that you are willing to accept their initial settlement offer.

Don’t Give a Statement
In many personal injury cases, insurance companies will call the victims and attempt to get a statement regarding the accident. If you find yourself in this situation, never give them a statement. Although the adjuster will often pressure and attempt to coerce you into talking about the accident, refrain from doing so. Instead, tell them you have obtained legal representation, and any future correspondence or phone calls will need to go through your attorney. By doing so, they will know you are not a victim that can be lied to and pressured into making a poor decision regarding your case.

Don’t Provide Medical Records
If an insurance company contacts you and wants to examine your medical records pertaining to the accident, don’t let them do so. In many instances, they will have the medical reports examined by their own healthcare professionals, and will then try to use the information against you. Instead, only let your attorney examine the records, since they will be concerned only with seeing you get the financial compensation you deserve.

Let Your Attorney Do the Talking
Regardless of the personal injury situation in which you find yourself, it’s always best to speak with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney who can handle these types of complex cases. Rather than talk to an insurance company on your own, let you attorney do your talking for you. Chances are, the results will be much more favorable for you and your family.

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