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A personal injury case is one of the most emotionally charged cases a plaintiff can go through. When someone is wounded by the negligence of another person, there is a profound sense of unfairness, sadness, and pain surrounding that injury. It’s natural for emotions to be high during these cases. A client often has daily questions for their attorney and needs to feel like there is a steady line of communication on various stages of the case.

Sometimes an personal injury attorney doesn’t answer questions quickly or sufficiently and clients can grow frustrated with the process. They might feel like they aren’t being answered as concisely as they feel they should be. It’s natural to experience frustration during any legal case due to the often agonizingly slow pace of justice. However, this doesn’t mean that frustration with a lawyer should be seen as equally natural. At the very least, you should feel like your lawyer is doing their job to the fullest.

Can I Switch Lawyers?

Here’s the million dollar question that far too many clients ask during their personal injury cases. The answer isn’t as simple as it at first seems.

Answer: Yes. You can switch lawyers in the majority of cases. The biggest question then becomes: SHOULD you switch lawyers in the middle of a case? The clear answer here isn’t as simple as the first answer. Knowing when and how to fire an attorney is very complicated and in itself should cause you to seek out some good legal advice about the issue.

If you’re seriously considering switching attorneys, then chances are you’re extremely dissatisfied with your legal representation. Switching attorneys requires you to go through a process that actually sets back your legal progress a bit and requires you to start over with an entirely new attorney. Because of this, most people stick with an attorney during a case but remember that doing so can have a disastrous effect on the outcome of your case if you’ve hired an attorney that doesn’t represent your interests to the highest degree of the law.

While it can be complicated and often time consuming to start over with a new attorney, sometimes starting over fresh with a new attorney will give you the peace you need to proceed with your personal injury case. Due to the highly emotional nature of such cases, it makes sense that you would want an attorney that communicates clearly, answers your questions fully, and spends a great deal of time seeking the outcome you want for your case. If you’ve stumbled upon bad legal representation, know that you CAN switch attorneys even if you’re in the very middle of your case. Doing so can sometimes save the positive outcome of your case. It can also have some negative setbacks.

Before hiring a current attorney, make sure that you’ve sought out the legal advice of your next attorney. For example, we encounter a lot of clients who switch to our legal services mid-case. We have no problem discussing the ramifications of this with you and giving you clear, concise information about what you need to do to hire us on as your attorney. Not every attorney has the same level of experience and expertise as our attorneys have. We know how frustrating that can be.

If you’re not happy with your lawyer, give us a call and get a free consultation. We’ll take a look at your case and let you know if it’s to your benefit to switch attorneys in the middle of your case. And we’ll give you this information honestly, because no one wants you to succeed as much as we do. It’s our job to help people who have been the victims of negligence get the outcome they desire. We only want to take your case if it’s going to be beneficial to you in the long run. We’ll sit down with you and discuss exactly what you’ll need to do to hire us on. And the greatest news is that we have a high success rate in taking on cases, even mid-case.

Give us a call today if you’re thinking of switching lawyers. We’ll show you why we’re the best at what we do.

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