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Chula Vista T-Bone Accidents Lawyers

A T-Bone collision occurs when a driver slams their own car into yours from the side. This type of accident is often referred to as a side-impact collision. It’s also commonly referred to as a broadside collision. While these can happen anywhere, it’s most prevalent when someone is driving through a stop sign or other intersection. It might occur when another driver fails to stop for a red light or stop sign or when they take off too soon before it’s their legal turn.

These accidents range from minor when both cars are driving relatively slow to excessive when someone is driving at a high rate of speed through an intersection. The devastation that occurs as a result of a side-impact collision can leave victims with only minor injuries, but sometimes the impact is hard enough to cause death. What might happen in an accident is unknown, and that’s why there are laws regarding intersections and traffic. These accidents do cause more injuries and damage than any other type of accident in the United States, and the injuries sustained from these accidents are among the worst of any type of accident.

Injuries Associated from Side-Impact Car Accidents

It’s impossible to predict what might occur when a driver strikes the side of your vehicle. It depends on the size and age of both cars, the rate of speed in which the vehicles are driving, and the condition of the road. It also depends on whether the impacted car is then pushed into oncoming traffic or other vehicles, and there are numerous other factors at play in an accident such as this. However, there are some injuries that are more commonly associated with being T-boned than any other type of accident.

– Cuts
– Disfigurement
– Fractures
– Broken bones
– Paralysis
– Death

The biggest cause for concern is usually the glass fragments that go flying when a car is hit from the side. Glass shatters, and it can cause any number of damaging injuries to a person. If a person is ejected from a vehicle, they could be hit by another vehicle, or they could suffer road rash or other injuries. The force with which the car is hit also determines whether someone’s bones are crushed, their heads, injured, or their spinal cord is injured. In short, anything can happen in a T-bone collision, and it’s not always the best-case scenario for an accident. It’s not a guarantee someone will walk away from this type of accident unharmed.

Liability for T-Bone Accidents

Every person who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is required by law to meet a standard of reasonable care. Drivers are required by law to adhere to the laws and rules of the road. They are required to adhere to the posted speed limit signs, to stop at red lights and stop signs, to yield, to use their turn signals, and they are required to perform the task of driving with a reasonable care of safety and concern for every other person on the road with them. When they fail to do this, they can cause an accident. This makes them liable for the pain and suffering, damages, and injuries you or your loved one sustain as a result of a side-impact collision.

When a lawsuit for a T-Bone collision is brought to an attorney, there are three things that the attorney must prove to prove liability. The first is that the other driver was under the legal obligation to drive with reasonable duty. This is easy to prove since everyone on the road is required to fulfill this legal obligation.

The second thing your attorney must prove is failure to exercise reasonable care. This is also fairly easy to prove with an accident report and witness statements. If witnesses state the driver of the other car was driving illegally, if they were under the influence, not paying attention, or they weren’t following the rules of the road, they can easily be found guilty of this. The final burden of proof falls under failure of care. The other driver’s failure to drive correctly caused your injuries and any damages that occurred to your vehicle or possessions in your car.

Compensation for Side-Impact Collisions

If someone else’s negligence is the cause of your accident, you are owed compensation. There are various things you can seek compensation to cover.

– Medical bills
– Pain and suffering
– Loss of wages
– Loss of work
– Death
– Funeral costs
– Long-term care

Most people are looking for compensation to help pay for the cost of either fixing or replacing their vehicle. Others are looking for compensation to help cover the cost of their medical bills, since they weren’t in need of medical attention prior to their accident. Others are looking for other means as often as possible. There are some serious and significant potential impacts of an accident like this. Someone who is injured to an extent they are unable to return to work lose their ability to pay their own expenses. This could result in a loss of insurance, a loss of their home, and other financial downfalls.

Don’t let someone else’s negligence cause you to lose out on the compensation you deserve for becoming a victim. It’s a scary and confusing time for drivers who are hit by someone else, but don’t wait too long to call an experienced attorney well-versed in the laws regarding T-Bone accidents. Our firm can help you prove someone else was negligent enough to cause you these injuries, to damage your personal property, and to cause you the major issue of financial ramifications now and in the future.

An experienced attorney can help you from the start by alleviating some of your worry and fear. We handle the details so you can focus on recovering from your injuries or the loss of a loved one after a life-changing accident.

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