So many things go wrong when drivers don’t follow the rules of the road. When they ignore posted speed limits, when they ignore the law, when they are distracted, they cause accidents. Some accidents are relatively minor and have very little effect on the overall quality of life people experience. Other accidents are serious, and people end up injured, out of work, with mounting medical bills. Some people are dealing with catastrophic injuries that cause them to lose a limb, to spend the rest of their life undergoing medical treatment, surgeries, and life-changing medical difficulties.

Other people die in accidents. When someone else caused an accident and their negligence resulted in the death of someone you love, you won’t know what to do. You won’t have the ability to function in terms of deciding how to handle yourself following the news that someone else’s negligence is the reason you are now without someone you love. It won’t occur to you to call an personal injury attorney, and it won’t occur to you there are many things you can and should do in this time of need.

Call an Attorney

Call an personal injury attorney if someone else caused an accident and your loved one lost his or her life. It won’t occur to you to do this right away, but it also shouldn’t make you feel bad or guilty to do this when you do realize it’s meant to be done. An attorney isn’t going to immediately require you sue someone for wrongful death, but they can help you understand your legal rights and what might happen next.

You’re confused and unsure what to do, and you need time to grieve. This is where an attorney can really help. An attorney can handle insurance paperwork, the legal aspect, and the work that needs to be done following the death of your loved one. You need time to process, grieve, and handle your own feelings before you can focus on things like this, and someone on your side to do this work for you is always beneficial.

Understand Wrongful Death

Now that you’re working so hard to deal with what needs your attention, it’s time to understand what wrongful death means. It’s any death that occurs because someone was negligent. For example, if your loved one dies because someone else made the decision to get drunk and then drive, they were reckless and negligent. Your loved one’s death is that person’s fault.

Now you’re facing the medical bills that incurred when your loved one was treated following the accident. You’re dealing with the damage to his or her car, you’re dealing with funeral and burial expenses, and you might even have to deal with a huge financial loss. If the person killed was a financial contributor to your household, how will you survive without their paycheck? If the person killed was a stay-at-home parent to your young kids, how will you afford daycare for them now that they have no parent to stay home?

Wrongful death suits are common, and they can help you seek the financial compensation you deserve. You can seek damages that include lost wages, loss of consortium, medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, and even pain and suffering. You shouldn’t suffer alone because someone else caused the death of your loved one.

Call an personal injury attorney to help. You don’t have to deal with this right away, but when you have time to grieve and think about what happens next, it’s what you must do to ensure you get what you need out of this situation. You shouldn’t accept a payout from the other insurance company until you know what you need to get by. Do you have bills to pay and no income now that your loved one is gone?

Do you have kids to raise and no help? You are entitled to damages, and an attorney is here to help you figure out precisely what damages you’re entitled to. You can get through this without a financial breakdown. It won’t bring back your loved one, but it can take the stress off your finances to file a wrongful death suit.