There is so much conflicting information regarding personal injury cases, which is why you should never take advice from anyone but an personal injury attorney if you are injured in an accident. You know you should seek medical attention, but then there are people who tell you not to if you’re not injured. Medical attention is an important component in any personal injury case, and you can’t file a claim without medical attention to provide proof of your injuries. The simple fact is you should always seek medical attention within one day of being involved in any accident whether you appear to have injuries or not.

Seeking Medical Attention

Some injuries are very apparent following an accident, and you know to immediately seek medical attention. Other injuries don’t show up right away. You might not feel them due to the shock of the accident, or they might not even have feeling. Some injuries are internal, and they require a doctor to find them and diagnose you with the injuries you suffered from. Any internal injuries left untreated only get worse.

They do not heal on their own, and they could become so much worse you now require surgery in the weeks following an accident. If this happens, the injury might not be able to be repaired the way it could have been if it was found immediately after the accident. This is why you seek medical attention no matter what kind of accident you’re in, and it’s why you don’t forgo medical treatment even when an accident is very minor.

Which Doctor Do I See?

Following an accident, you should either see the medics who show up at the scene of the accident and then go to the nearest hospital at their encouragement, or you should call your own doctor and schedule an immediate appointment. You need documentation of your injuries right away, and this is the best way to get that.

What happens once you seek medical treatment, file your insurance claim, and then find out the insurance company wants you to see their doctor as well? It’s a confusing situation. You’ve already been to the doctor and are being treated. Why must you go to another doctor? Does this mean you need to pay your co-pay and incur even more medical bills? Does the insurance agency have the right to ask this of you?

You should see this doctor. The at-fault party’s insurance agency must protect their own assets, and this means they are permitted to ask you to see a doctor of their choosing. You are not required to pay for this appointment out of your own pocket, but you are required to go if you want to see your case handled correctly.

You are permitted to bring with you the medical records from your own doctor, and you are entitled to see all the results of the doctor’s exam once it’s complete. In addition, you may schedule this appointment when it works for you. The insurance company must choose a doctor close to your home or work, and they are required to get you to and from the appointment if it’s far away or you are unable to get yourself there due to your injuries or lack of transportation following an accident.

Call An Attorney

Call a personal injury attorney before you agree to anything. A personal injury attorney can help you figure out what you’re required to do, what you’re going to face, and how to handle the situation. An attorney can help you understand what’s required, what’s merely being requested, and how you can handle this situation when it arises.

In addition, a personal injury attorney can help you file a personal injury case if you feel it’s necessary. You aren’t required to file one, but you might decide to if your medical bills continue to grow or your injuries aren’t healing quickly. Call an attorney and find out what you can do to help with your case. An attorney knows the law, what’s required, and how you can deal with situations like this when you feel confused and overwhelmed following this kind of injury and subsequent request.