Left-turn accidents are not uncommon, and they’re usually the fault of the left-turn driver. Chicago driving laws are the same as they are in any other part of the country, and anyone driving in Chicago turning left will likely be blamed for the accident that occurs when a left turn is made. Calling an personal injury attorney can help you fight this charge if you’re not the at-fault driver. An personal injury attorney works to find evidence, present your case, and file a personal injury case against the at-fault driver. Before you consider a lawsuit against the driver at fault, however, you should become familiar with left-turn laws and blame.

Left-Turn Laws in Chicago

Turning left is a right, but it’s one that comes with several requirements. Left turns require a completely stop when made. You can turn left at a red light, at a stop sign, or off any road onto a driveway or a different road. Turning left typically means you have no right of way until traffic coming in the opposite direction is clear.

If you’re stopped at a red light, you have two laws to follow. If you have a green arrow that’s lit up green, you have the right of way and don’t have to yield to any oncoming traffic. If your arrow is green and you turn and an accident occurs, it’s because someone else ran their own red light. If left traffic has a green light but no green turning arrow is lit up, you can turn left only when you make a stop and wait for oncoming traffic to clear completely.

If you are making a left turn from a stop sign, you must also wait for oncoming traffic to clear. If you fail to do so, the accident is your fault. If you stop and make sure no one else has the right of way before going, an accident can still occur. Someone else might run their own stop sign causing an accident. This makes the accident their fault, but it doesn’t always make it easy to prove someone else is to blame.

Fault and Left-Turn Accidents

Since left-turn accidents are almost always to blame on the person turning, it’s often difficult to prove someone else was in the wrong. You’ll need witnesses, traffic camera video and/or photos if they are available, and you’ll need to prove your case. This is where an attorney can help you do the best work. They can reconstruct the accident, go over the evidence, and speak to witnesses. It can help to bring more awareness of what happened so the correct party is to blame.

The other issue that comes with a left-turn accident appears when the at-fault party’s insurance company decides to dispute the accident. Since it is so common for the driver turning left to take the blame for this kind of accident, insurance companies want to be sure they’re making an accurate payout to the person victimized in the accident. This means they might dispute the claim and even the accident report, meaning you might need an attorney to fight for you.

Left-turn accidents are sometimes simple to determine fault. There are always occasions, however, when it’s exceedingly difficult to place accurate blame on an accident of this magnitude. This is where an personal injury attorney is useful, and this is where you find you receive the most help.

You aren’t required to file a personal injury lawsuit if you contact an attorney regarding left-turn accidents, but you still want to call and find out what you’re entitled to. The lawyers in a personal injury firm know the law well, and they know what might help you prove your case. Call one and schedule a free consultation to go over your case and find out what rights you have.

Someone else’s poor driving and negligence should not become your problem, but it often does without the help of an attorney. Get an attorney and get to know the law before you handle a case like this. You have rights, and it’s time to exercise them where they’re due during your case.