The laws of personal injury are so broad that just about any incident can result in a personal injury claim. As long as one party sustains a viable injury, that person can try to charge another person with neglect. The outcome of a case of this type depends on how effectively the courts can perceive the defendant’s actions as negligence. If someone files a personal injury claim against you, you must take immediate steps to protect yourself against a guilty ruling. If you lose a personal injury case, the courts may order you to pay the plaintiff a lump sum settlement.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

If you are a pet owner, a local resident may sue you for personal injury if his or her dog bites you one day. According to most state laws, a dog owner is responsible for the dog’s behaviors, actions and attitude toward people. Therefore, if your dog is aggressive or has been aggressive in any way, the courts may find you liable if someone is bit. In some states, a bite wound is not necessary for a personal injury claim. Simply scaring the victim and causing that person to fall and receive an injury is enough to warrant a claim.

You can be held liable for personal injury if you cause an automobile accident due to any negligent actions. If you drank alcohol or took medicine before driving, such could be a factor in a personal injury case. If you ignored the traffic signs or used poor judgment when passing someone or turning, the courts may hold you accountable for the other driver’s injury. If you were distracted in any way while you were driving, you might be looking at a personal injury case.

Other types of personal injury cases are medical malpractice cases and product liability cases. Product liability cases are those that involve faulty products and a manufacturer’s failure to provide the public with notice of such. Medical malpractice can including anything from a nurse overlooking a detail on a chart, to someone practicing failed surgical procedures.

What to do About a Personal Injury Claim Against You

If you receive a notice that someone has filed a personal injury claim against you, you will need to act fast. The best way to handle that claim is to find a reputable attorney who can defend your honor and reputation. Finding an attorney that has a history of successful cases is paramount to your success in the matter.