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Rancho Cucamonga Car Accident Lawyers

Whether you have been in a fender-bender or have been in a serious accident, you may wish to take legal action against the driver who caused the crash. However, it is almost never a good idea to go to court on your own. You can be sure that the other driver will have an attorney and that the insurance companies will have their own legal representation as well. Therefore, you need someone who will look out for your best interests.

The Other Parties Aren’t Looking to Admit Guilt

Even if the other driver knows that he or she is at fault for the accident, he or she will most likely refrain from admitting it to you or anyone else. That would make them liable for damages that could easily climb in the thousands of dollars or more. Therefore, you need an attorney who will gather physical evidence, talk to witnesses and work with other relevant parties to establish who caused the crash and get that person to pay.

Insurance Companies Gain Nothing By Making a Fair Settlement Offer

An insurance company is not in the business of paying out claims. The more money they have to pay out, the less money that they earn in profits for the year. Therefore, they are going to offer you as little as possible in the hopes that you will take the settlement and leave money on the table. However, your attorney will make sure that you get everything that you are entitled to based on the facts of the case and nothing more. You may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages and lost future earnings as well. Punitive damages may also be included depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Your Attorney Will Keep You Informed Throughout the Process

If you don’t have any legal representation, you will have to make phone calls on a daily basis to make sure that your case is proceeding. You may also have to submit documents and exchange emails or text messages with the other driver and the insurance companies. This can be overwhelming and make it harder to focus on recovering from any injuries that you may have suffered. Your attorney will communicate with other relevant parties and only contact you when something significant occurs.

Your Attorney Will Keep You Calm

It is natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious while your case makes it way through the settlement process. However, the worst thing that you can do is dwell on things that you may or may not be able to control. A settlement case can take months or years to resolve after appeals and other rulings are factored in. However, your attorney has been through many car accident cases in the past and understands the process completely. Your legal counsel will make sure that you understand everything that is happening and will provide you with a reasonable timeframe as to when your case may be settled or resolved in court. When you have accurate and timely information, you may be able to keep your stress level to a minimum.

You May Not Pay Unless You Win Your Case

Everyone deserves good legal representation after they have been wronged by another person or entity. In most cases, you won’t have to pay your attorney fees until you win your case. It may be possible that you won’t have to pay a retainer or won’t have to pay that fee until the case is settled in your favor. Therefore, you don’t have to let financial considerations stop you from obtaining the legal counsel that you want, need and deserve throughout the process.

If you have been hurt in a car accident, you should hire an attorney as soon as possible. Your legal representative will be a fierce advocate of yours until the case is resolved in your favor. When you have someone who knows that law on your side, the odds of getting the compensation you need and are entitled to increase greatly.

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