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Rear-End Accidents Lawyers

According to the recent statistics, there are more than 2.7 million rear-end collision accidents in the United States every year. In a rear-end car accident crash, the driver who hit the other vehicle from behind is assigned liability or fault. In most cases, this accident type occurs when the car ahead slows down or stops suddenly. In such cases, the car behind fails to stop as soon as the other one stops. The common causes of rear-end accidents in New York are following another car ahead of you too closely as well as inattention of the car who rear-ends the leading car.

The personal injury attorneys have worked extra hard to get obtain millions in settlement, verdict, and client judgments who were injured in the traffic accidents including those involved in the rear-end crashes. If you or your loved one is hurt in rear-end in New York, our personal injury attorneys have enough legal experience to handle your case with dignity to assure you of a better settlement. They will also work to your advantage and maximize the amount of money you receive as compensation.

Contact our law firm to schedule a free consultation session with our experienced lawyers. You can call our firm or fill out our online form for the same. Our personal injury lawyers don’t have you charged with meeting you to evaluate your case. If you accept our legal services for your case, we will represent you on the contingent basis. This means that you will not pay the lawyer until you they work hard to recover all your money as compensation. Our real-end collision attorneys, with offices in the larger New York area, represent all injured people in rear-end collisions in New York.

Common Factors of New York Rear-End Collisions
One of the most common causes of the rear-end collisions in New York is distracted driving. Other common types of distracted driving behind the wheel include:
• Talking on the cell phone
• Text messaging
• Drinking or eating while on the steering wheel
• Adjusting your CD player, Radio, or MP3 player while you ate driving
• Tending to children in the car or talking to passengers while you are driving
• Using the GPS navigation system or any other equipment while you are driving

There are certain habits, besides distracted driving, that can contribute to the rear-end accidents. They include:
• Targeting: This occurs when drivers fail to keep a distance between their car and the car in front of them. Due to the increased reaction time, a rear-end collision is likely to occur.
• Speed: If a driver is driving too fast, it will always be very difficult to stop instantly.
• Unsafe Lane Switching: Sudden lane switching and cutting off other cars on the highway are some of the aggressive behaviors in driving that are more likely to cause rear-end collisions.
• A driver under the influence: driving while you have been impaired by alcohol or drugs often results in fatal rear-end car accidents by reducing the reaction time and perception of the impaired driver.
• Weather conditions: Roads are often slippery when it rains or snows. If it is dusty or filled with fog, the road has limited visibility. Inclement conditions require longer distances for following one another on the road to avoid such accidents.

Vehicle mechanical failure, in most cases, is not one of the rear-end collision cases. However, it can occur when tires have a little thread of defective brakes.

Injuries Resulting from Rear-End Car Accidents
The low-speed rear-end accidents can even cause severe injuries. They include:
• Spinal cord injury
• Lumbar spine soft tissue injury
• Cervical spine soft tissue injury
• Head and facial injury caused by the airbag.
• Knee and ankle injuries

You can suffer from multiple injuries of you are struck from behind. The personal injury attorneys have helped numerous clients collect what they were supposed to get after they sustained injuries from the rear-end accidents.

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