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School Bus Accidents Lawyers

Across the United States, buses are the main sources of public links as well as the private transportation chains. Intercity, cross country, and transit buses often carry commuters as well as other travelers on long and short trips on a daily basis. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has included it in their report that over 850,000 buses are operating in the country. Those vehicles, each year, are involved in more than 5,000 accidents every month. In 2016, the school bus accidents left more than 20,000 injured people. To add to that, over 200 people lost their lives due to those accidents.

Our skilled personal injury attorneys as well as our wrongful death attorneys serve all people involved in those accidents without fear or favor. Our attorneys have also successfully represented school bus accident victims, premise liabilities, bus accidents, motor vehicle crashes, as well as those who are hurt during those incidences. Our law firm has a distinguished personal service history as well as their keen attention to detail. Because our firm takes their time to know their client, we often dedicate all efforts towards the representation of their needs in a court of law.

Among the numerous victims who have sought and found help and comfort at our law company are the school students who have been involved in fatal school bus accidents in the region. Helping students in the larger New York area, our personal injury attorneys are more than aware of the kind of distress caused to the child as a result of the accident injury. While we understand that the accidents that occur to the school children using a school bus are very rare on the American roads, we also have a clear understanding of what the parents undergo in the event of the accident or loss of a child due to the accident. Therefore, the school bus accidents in New York are among the most complex cases in the law arena.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, over 24 million children are carried to and from the school premises using the school bus on a daily basis. From drivers to vehicle manufacturers to the school administration, everyone who has a stake in transporting the children to school will be liable to pay for the losses during the event of an accident. Whenever such accidents happen, our personal injury attorneys gain access to a wide range of experts and professionals to help them have a careful examination of the circumstances that surrounded the accident. Some of these professionals include researchers, legal and medical personnel, and others who form a team that ensures your child is legally supported to receive the amount of compensation he deserves.

Our personal injury attorneys understand that certain injuries can be serious to affect the child and the family members emotionally. Crash and accident victims involving transit can also be displaced or thrown from their seats if they are not wearing protective apparatus in the event of a crash. This can result in internal injuries and broken bones. It can also lead to the traumatic head injuries that can cause permanent impairment and brain damage.

When children in a school bus get involved in an accident, they can be ejected or thrown about the bus. The bus can also overturn. This means that the children will be tossed off from their seats. In rare occasions, children will be hurt whenever they fall from bus window or door.

Our personal injury lawyers assure you of the necessary full attention you need during the event of such accidents. Our attorneys also understand the personal injury law at length. Our record of success speaks for us because will offer you with the necessary peace of mind needed during this moment. Call us to schedule a free consultation session with our personal injury lawyers to have your case evaluated.

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