Anytime you’re involved in a car accident caused by someone else and their faulty driving, you find yourself in a situation that’s confusing. What do you do and how do you handle this situation? Is there a right or a wrong way to deal with the insurance company in charge of paying for the repairs or replacement of your car and medical bills? Is there anything you don’t know that might make your situation worse or potentially even better? There’s a lot of unanswered questions that go into this situation, and you might need someone to guide you through this process.

Accepting Checks From the At-Fault Party

If there is one thing you might not realize when you’re involved in an accident, it’s that you don’t have to accept the check that’s offered to you when it’s offered. You’re not required to take money from the insurance company of the at-fault driver, and you are certainly not required to take money from the driver of the car who hit you. The insurance company is not offering you the kind of money you need or you deserve.

Their job is to offer the lowest possible amount and hope you’ll take it. Did you know this is a negotiable amount? You aren’t required to take the first offer made by the at-fault party’s insurance agency, and you should not take that offer. If the driver of the car offers you a check, you shouldn’t take it.

Call An Attorney

The details of a car accident are very specific, and you should not take money from anyone until you’ve spoken with an attorney. If you accept cash or a check from the other driver at the accident, you might not get nearly enough to even cover the damage done to your vehicle. You should not accept anything, and you should not speak to the driver of the other vehicle until the police arrive and take your statements in addition to gathering information.

Your attorney can help you figure out what to do next by advising you what’s in your best interests. Even an accident in which you do not feel you suffered injuries might take a turn later. You might develop pain from internal injuries you didn’t realize you suffered. Even if you’re not injured, see the doctor right away to rule out any injuries you cannot see. They must be treated right away to prevent them from becoming worse and to help you treat them easily and without further issue.

Additionally, your attorney will advise you that taking a payout right now is not in your best interest due to the lack of knowledge you have of the future. Did you see a doctor to confirm your injuries, how long it might take to recover, how long you might miss work, if you need life-long or long-term medical care? These are things you must know before you accept a payout. What you’re being offered now might not be enough to cover the medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering you’re enduring and will endure following this accident.

Personal Injury Claims

You may need to file a personal injury lawsuit to get enough to cover expensive medical bills. You might not go to trial with this, but you might find your insurance company is willing to offer you a bigger settlement if you threaten to take them to court. Never accept the first offer, and always take the time to negotiate. If you’re unsure how to do this, speak to your attorney.

An attorney is here to work with you and for you. The person at-fault and the company on their side are not here to help you or work with you. They are looking out for their own best interests, and that’s not good news for you. Let an attorney fight for what’s right for you.