An accident in which injuries are sustained causes fear, pain, and confusion. Figuring out what happens following an accident is often the last thing on your mind despite knowing there are steps you must take. The conflicting information you might receive from your friends, family, and even the internet might make you feel even more confused than you were prior to asking these questions, and that’s where an personal injury lawyer becomes more beneficial than ever. An personal injury lawyer is here to help you figure out which steps to take, when to notify people you’re taking legal action, and to help you understand the legalities you face.

How soon should I notify people I’m filing a lawsuit?

The great news is there is no specific timeframe in which you must notify anyone of your intent to file a lawsuit or personal injury claim. This certainly doesn’t mean there is no timeframe at all, but it’s long enough you have time. The law differs in each state, which means you might have a few months to a few years to file a personal injury claim depending on where you reside and/or where the accident took place.

It’s not just as simple as filing a lawsuit. Even if you’re not planning on filing a personal injury lawsuit, it’s important you spend time focusing on what you must do. That means you’re going to want to spend time letting people know you maintain the right to file a suit. There are legalities that must be taken to ensure this remains possible.

For example, if you let people know of your intent to file a personal injury lawsuit, you’re not obligated to file. You’re merely opening up your legal rights to ensure you don’t close yourself off to the possibility. The first thing you must do is seek medical help, find out the extent of your injuries, and figure out what you must do next to preserve your rights. This is when you call an personal injury lawyer to help.

The Proper Steps

There is no right or wrong way to go about this process. Some people know right away how serious the extent of their injuries, and they’re able to seek medical help for that right away. Others aren’t aware they’re even injured following an accident until the pain begins and their diagnosis is made. Some injuries are invisible and take weeks or even months to present.

This is why you never want to settle for a payout from an insurance company without first seeking medical help and speaking with an attorney. If your injuries are far more serious than you originally thought, you could end up settling for less than you need. That’s not what you want, and that’s why know the legal avenues available to you is so imperative.

First, seek medical attention. Second, take the time you need to recover from your accident before you do anything. The pain and fear you’re facing often lead to making rash decisions you might not want to pursue. You aren’t required to notify anyone of anything in the first few weeks following an accident, and it’s imperative you take this time to yourself, to contact an attorney, and to discuss your options.

You might want time to consider your options, and that’s where an attorney can help you figure out what steps are best to take. Once you make a final decision about what you’d like to do, it’s time to begin the notification process and begin the process. Your attorney is going to help with the legalities of this situation. He or she will also help you figure out what rights you have in your specific situation. All accidents are different, all injuries are different, and everyone needs time to figure out what they want to do while they recover from injuries.