If you have been a victim of an accident involving an automobile or on the job, you may have many questions. You especially may be in search of clarification if you don’t currently have health insurance. Rest assured, many options present themselves if you have been involved in an accident or other physical hardship regardless of your status in coverage.

No-Fault Laws of New York State

In New York state, there is a No-Fault law in place, guaranteeing that insurance companies cover various expenses in relation to a motor vehicle accident. This is of great comfort to victims falling under any of the required criteria: pedestrians, drivers or passengers or cyclists who have been injured in the state of New York by a motor vehicle. The accident-related coverage includes medical supplies, prescription drugs, medical bills, diagnostic testing, hospital stays, nursing services, physical therapy if necessary, ambulances, lost wages and more. Much coverage is available through your insurance company, however you may also apply for further benefits via Additional No-Fault (also referred to as PIP) benefits.

Recipients are entitled to further coverage by means of the vehicle that was occupied at the time of the accident or through another household member. For victims residing in New York involved in an automobile accident out of state, differing laws in the state of occurrence, if any, will be applied. The only transportation forms not covered by the No-Fault laws are motorcycles and vespa scooters (buses and all other methods of transportation are included: cars, taxis or trucks). Intoxicated or otherwise impaired drivers who are victims of accidents cannot legally receive compensation under the No-Fault laws in New York state.

On the Job Injuries

Individuals who have been injured on the job also may have many questions concerning the rights they have. Some confusion can understandably occur when addressing fine print in relation to Workers Compensation and Personal Injury lawsuits. When is one suitable over the other? When may you want to compare and contrast both options?

A main differentiation between Workers Compensation and Personal Injury claims involves fault. The former does not involve fault while the second does. A defining example of one of these scenarios would be a slip and fall while on company premises. Unless negligence as a cause of unsafe work environment can be proven in a court of law, your claim remains valid only under Workers Compensation. Workers Compensation, when legitimized, will provide coverage of all your medical bills. Other forms of physical harm, such as developing cancer from exposure to toxic substances, holds a strong case for Workers Compensation or Personal Injury. If worse comes to worse and there is not enough evidence found in support of your claim, you may be held fully responsible for all of your medical bills. That said, our firm is devoted to standing by your rights as an employee.

Additional Methods of Coverage Available

Alongside the aforementioned PIP benefits available to residents of New York state, MedPay benefits are up for consideration. Purchased through insurance companies, this is a reliable way of extending coverage of medical bills. If the individual carrier purchases both PIP and MedPay, their coverage is essentially doubled. Meant for instances requiring additional supplementation, these funds will go towards the same types of medical services and materials as your primary insurance under the No-Fault laws as well as PIP.

Medicaid is also available to victims of automobile-related accidents in New York state. This is another comforting option to have, should your No-Fault, PIP or MedPay coverage be depleted. Additionally, you will find that many medical providers will be glad to assist you during this difficult time by means of payment plans or agreements of subsequent reimbursement to the practice post-settlement.

In Summary

Be sure to contact both our law firm and your insurance company directly with any questions you may have in regard to your individual rights as an accident victim. These professionals will be more than happy to assist you and your family as you all make a proper recovery, both mentally and physically.