Personal injuries usually result in massive medical bills. These will eventually add up due to the frequent trips to a medical center. Because of the injuries, you may not be able to work, and paying your bill might become a challenge. Often, the insurer of the other party will offer some amount of money for your medical charges. It is advisable to turn down this offer since it might limit your settlement in future. In fact, you should only discuss the case with your lawyer.

With good  personal injury attorneys, you will eventually win the settlement for your personal injury. However, this cannot be used to settle your health costs since you need to see a doctor immediately after the accident. So, who exactly should pay your medical bills?

No-Faults Insurance

In New York, your car insurer is required to pay your medical bills after an accident. After a personal injury, you should open a claim with your insurance provider, and you will get compensation of up to $50,000 for your health costs. This is given without considering the guilty party in the case.

Under the No-Fault law, your car insurance provider is also required to compensate up to 80 percent of the wages you lose due to your injuries. This is limited to a maximum of $2,000 per month and cannot go for more than three years. You will also be liable for compensation of up to $25 per day for other daily medical expenses.

To receive compensation for the hospital bill, you will have to file a claim within 45 days of receiving the medical services. To file the claim correctly and within the proper time frame, you may have to enlist the services of a New York personal injury lawyer. Your insurance provider will then have to release the funds within 30 days of filing the claim. Otherwise, you will have to hire New York personal injury attorneys and take your case to court.

It is important to note that your insurer is not responsible for any emotional distress or suffering that may arise from the accident. In addition, they are not required to pay you anything beyond the $50,000 set limit.

Your Health Insurer

Medical bills often exceed $50,000. Any costs beyond that will have to be settled by your health insurance provider. If your health insurance does not provide enough coverage, you may have to settle the bills with your money.

Your Personal Injury Settlement

Your personal injury settlement only serves as the secondary payment for your medical bills.

To win the case, it is necessary to limit your communication with the other party, their lawyers, and insurance providers. Even making an implication that you may have been partly responsible for the crash could make you lose the case.

In addition, you should not make it look like your injuries are minor or insignificant. Many times, you will feel perfectly fine after the crash, but end up having to settle huge bills later on. To get appropriately compensated for these costs, you need to avoid commenting on your state, especially not to the other party’s insurance provider.

You also need to document all your medical costs as this will entitle you to the appropriate settlement amount. Your documentation should include your X-Rays, emergency room visits, medications, transportation to and from the hospital, ambulance costs, and hospital charges.

It is equally important to hire a good New York personal injury lawyers to help with your case. There are many processes involved in the filing of personal injury settlements, and you are highly likely to miss at least one step. Also, using the wrong format could make the judge dismiss your evidence. This will lead to your loss of the case. personal injury lawyers are best-placed to handle the processes.

Personal injury cases take long to get settled. You can negotiate with your medical provider to get a hold agreement on your payment. Under this agreement, you will be required to pay the bill only when the compensation is released by the party responsible for the accident.


Medical bills that result from a personal injury can result in unending stress. Your primary source of funds should be your car insurance provider. Also, your health insurance will also cover part of the costs that result from injury. To win compensation from the party responsible for the accident, you should find a good personal injury law firm to handle your case.