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San Diego Catastrophic Injuries Lawyers

Catastrophic injuries are always life-changing, and they’re always life-changing forever. These are not injuries from which people heal quickly and efficiently. The majority of catastrophic injuries leave victims unable to perform basic tasks, to live the way they once lived, or to ever fully recover from the injuries they suffer. This is what defines this type of injury as catastrophic. It changes you for the rest of your life, and it also changes the lives of the people related to the victim. 

Among the most devastating side effects of a catastrophic injury is the financial aspect of paying for medical treatment. These injuries often never heal, which means patients need to have medical attention for the rest of their lives. Frequent doctor visits, rehabilitation, and sometimes round-the-clock care are necessary when a catastrophic injury occurs. It’s during this time families often realize the financial ramifications of their injuries could cost them their lives. If the injuries you or a loved one sustained were caused by someone else and their negligence, you might be able to file a lawsuit stating that your catastrophic injury is the responsibility of that person. This could mean you are entitled to compensation, which can offer substantial relief from the financial burden your family is experiencing. 

What Causes a Catastrophic Injury? 

There’s no single thing that might cause an injury of this nature. There are numerous ways in which a person might suffer catastrophic injury, and it’s almost impossible to list them all. 

– Construction accidents
– Car accidents
– Sports accidents
– Slip and fall accidents
– Assault 
– Physical abuse 
– Workplace injuries 

Accidents happen all the time, and there are many that occur because someone else is negligent. If another driver is under the influence when they hit your car, the accident is due to negligence. That driver was not adhering to the laws designed with the safety and reasonable care of others in mind, and they are now responsible for your life-changing injuries. 

What is a Catastrophic Injury? 

People are injured all the time without long-term health effects. For example, a child who breaks his or her arm as a result of a fall in a sports game is going to be about of normal commission for a few weeks or months, but will likely go on to use his or her arm and live a perfectly healthy life after healing occurs. Catastrophic injuries aren’t that simple. They are injuries that usually never result in full recovery and/or leave room for more serious injuries to occur later in life. Examples of catastrophic injury include: 

– Spinal cord injuries 
– Paralysis 
– Severe fractures
– Traumatic brain injuries
– Comas
– Brain injuries 
– Paraplegia 
– Concussions
– Burns
– Amputations
– Quadriplegia 
– Wrongful death 

Any of these can change your life forever, and they will. Even a simple concussion in a sports game could turn into a more serious health problem later in life, which is what makes it catastrophic. When an injury of this nature occurs, it means the victim’s life is forever changed. 

Why Seek Compensation for Catastrophic Injuries? 

Clients often wonder why they would take the time to seek help from an experienced catastrophic injury attorney when they are in the middle of a life-changing moment. This is a confusing time in the lives of so many people, and it’s not your first reaction to want to seek legal counsel when someone you love is experiencing a life-changing injury. This is the best time to call a legal representative to ensure you are getting the kind help you deserve. You’re in a place of change and confusion, and you are unable to fully process what’s going on. You’ve yet to find out what insurance does and doesn’t cover, and you’re not fully aware at this point how this entire injury will change your financial future. 

– Medical bills – Catastrophic injuries require medical attention often, and usually for life. These medical professionals are often specialists that cost more and aren’t covered fully by medical treatment. This doesn’t include the cost of any medications a person is going to need to manage pain. 
– Loss of Wages – When someone is injured catastrophically, they cannot go back to work. This means their income is gone, their ability to work is gone, and they’re unable to provide for their family in the future. 
– Pain and Suffering – You are not the only one suffering as a result of your injuries. Your family suffers, too, and it might mean your spouse is unable to work because you need round-the-clock care at home, it might mean he or she develops emotional disorders that require medical attention, and it might mean you lose friends, your spouse, or your home. 
– Medical Accessories – Many catastrophic injuries result in the use of medical accessories. If you need a wheelchair, you now need a vehicle that accommodates a wheelchair. You need to make changes to your home to accommodate your new medical equipment. 
– Long-Term Care – If a catastrophic injury results in the need for long-term care such as a home health aide or even an assisted living facility in which daily medical care is provided, expenses become even more costly. 

The compensation you are entitled to is designed to offer you some financial freedom to help you with your injuries. If someone else is responsible for the injuries you sustained, they are also responsible for the cost of any medical bills associated with your injury now and in the future. Don’t wait to call an experienced attorney following the diagnosis of a catastrophic injury. Your life, your family’s life, and your financial future depend on the outcome of your lawsuit. Your life has already changed enough, and it doesn’t need to change anymore for you and your loved ones. Do the right thing, and call an experienced catastrophic injury attorney in Bucks County.

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