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San Diego Crosswalk Accident Lawyers

One day, you are walking along or riding your bike through the crosswalk and a negligent driver comes out of nowhere and runs you over. You are badly hurt and must go to the hospital and seek emergency treatment. Now, there are broken bones, head injuries, contusions, and broken skin areas which must heal. You may be facing unnecessary surgeries, physical therapy, and long amounts of convalescence. Your beautiful face may never look the same. In the hospital or resting at home, we understand that you feel like a senseless victim because you were mowed down without any regard to your potential loss of life. Now, you are experiencing needless pain and suffering. Throughout this ordeal, you feel that justice is deserved, and rightly so. Remember, it takes time to get the answers that you seek.

Accept the Grief, Pain, Loss, and Frustration
It is possible to drive yourself crazy trying to imagine how this tragic accident will be resolved. The medical bills are piling up, and you don’t know how you will pay them. You might have a spouse and dependent children who rely on you for their livelihood. This is a lot of pressure to be under when you must focus on getting better. There are so many emotions that accident victims like you have to deal with before you can move on. Your life is forever changed, and your body will need time to heal. You may never get back to 100 percent as you were before the crosswalk accident occurred. This is common for San Diego crosswalk accident victims who were hurt through no fault of their own. Your best bet is to seek justice under the law by hiring aggressive defendants of victims rights, San Diego personal injury lawyers like us.

Use the Legal System to Find Justice
The truth is that no jury award is really going to erase the pain and suffering that you were caused. Nothing can restore your body to its former condition. However, if you seek personal injury damages based on your medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses, there is a chance that these will help to improve your altered lifestyle. We know that the law views the operators of motor vehicles as being ultimately responsible for safe driving. If they are negligent or intentionally hurt a pedestrian or bicyclist while driving, then they must also be held accountable under the California legal system. While we have no influence over any criminal proceedings that may be brought against the defendant in your case, we can file a lawsuit on your behalf and help you attempt to recover monetary damages for your serious injuries, loss of income, and pain and suffering.

We Are Serious Crosswalk Accident Lawyers
It is typical for victims of crosswalk accidents to feel powerless to negotiate with the big bad insurance companies. After all, most of us live paycheck to paycheck, and we don’t have the resources required to show how the defendant was negligent in the court system. The law gives you two years to file a lawsuit. If you wait longer than 24 months, you may lose the right to make a claim for damages resulting from the crosswalk accident. If you want legal representation in San Diego for your personal injury claim, keep in mind that we advise clients and perform legal services through a contingency fee arrangement. In essence, we take on your case and do all legal work to prove your claim. We also advance the cost of all expenses, and we do not make any guarantees that you will recover any monies. That is not permitted under the ethical guidelines of the legal profession throughout the U.S. If we are successful in helping you negotiate an insurance settlement or we win a jury verdict in a civil trial on your behalf, then we collect our fees and costs at that time. Our legal fee is a percentage of any money recovered plus reasonable expenses. We keep careful records of all monies we spend on your case, and we make this available to you upon request.

You Are Not Alone
Becoming an injured victim because you were walking through the crosswalk or riding your bike at the wrong moment through the intersection does not have to define your future. Your medical bills are going to be high, and it will be unfair for anyone to expect you to pay them all alone. If there is a defendant who can be made to pay these unnecessary expenses, then it’s worth finding him or her. We encourage you to sit down with our San Diego crosswalk accident lawyers for a free consultation and learn how you can pursue justice through the civil courts. There is no obligation to sign any paperwork just by asking questions about your legal rights and understanding our attorney’s professional qualifications to represent you and your family. You want someone with civil trial experience in similar cases, not someone who will settle your Crosswalk Accident case for the first amount offered by the defendant’s insurance company. Don’t let the defendant get away with negligence and escape financial responsibility for this matter. Let us help!

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