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San Diego Elder Neglect Lawyers

Placing your aging loved ones in a nursing home is a difficult decision. Children of aging parents are faced with difficult decisions regularly. If you don’t have the time or the financial means to care for your parents on your own, you might be faced with the decision to put them in a home. If your parents need medical care and help to complete their everyday tasks, you might not even have a choice in the matter. It’s a decision that comes with a heavy heart, and it’s one that comes with ample worry. You might worry you won’t see them enough. You might worry the people caring for them in a nursing home or in their home as a caretaker are doing their job correctly.

You worry, and that’s normal. What’s not normal is elder abuse at the hands of a caretaker or in a nursing home. Elder abuse is not okay, and it’s not something anyone should ever deal with. If you suspect your aging loved ones are experiencing the harrowing effects of elder abuse at the ends of their nursing home or caregivers, it’s time to take action.

What is elder abuse?

Elder abuse occurs when someone who resides in a nursing home or relies on the assistance of caretakers at home is abused by their caretaker or facility. It’s clearly defined by state law in California.

– Elder abuse occurs when the caretaker of an elderly person is negligent in their care of the adult, and they fail to care for the elderly person in an appropriate and expected manner.
– Elder abuse includes failing to assist a person with proper personal hygiene if that person is unable to care for their own hygiene.
– Elder abuse includes failure by a caretaker to provide appropriate and necessary medical care.
– Elder abuse occurs when a caretaker does to protect the elderly from health hazards and safety hazards.
– Elder abuse occurs when a caretaker does not properly feed or hydrate a person in their care.

Any of these situations are grounds for filing a claim against the person or facility responsible for the care of your aging loved one. It’s called elder abuse, and it is not legal. When you hire a caretaker or send your parents to live in a care facility, the expectation is your parents are properly cared for in every manner. They are kept as healthy as their bodies allow, they are fed and kept hydrated, they are given adequate medical care, and they are treated with dignity and respect.

Signs of Elder Abuse

The most difficult thing about elder abuse is people work very hard to keep it a secret. They don’t want you to know your loved one is not being cared for properly, and they might use very dangerous methods to keep this a secret. They might threaten your loved one to keep quiet, or they might rely on the fact that your aging loved one is unable to communicate their issues to you. There are some very obvious signs of elder abuse to look for.

– Sudden weight loss
– Bed sores
– Lack of personal hygiene
– Your loved one seems afraid or scared
– Sudden withdrawn behavior in a loved one
– You cannot visit your loved one without making an appointment or calling first
– Your loved one seems scared
– Your loved one is not happy
– You loved one has bruises or unexplained marks on his or her body

There’s not much you can do about elder abuse if you don’t know it’s going on, but you can keep an eye out for the signs when you do see or speak to your loved one. Hopefully, you are wrong about this, but you never know if there is a problem. If you suspect elder abuse is a problem, you can call an attorney in San Diego to discuss your case and find out what to do next.

Speak to An Attorney

How can an attorney help you with a case of elder abuse in San Diego? Your attorney will first sit down with you to discuss your concerns and help you with anything you need to know. They will answer your questions and start an investigation to see if there is elder abuse going on. They’ll collect evidence such as photos and testimony from witnesses or the victim, and they’ll seek the help of a medical professional to see if the signs your loved one shows are related to abuse in a nursing home or with a caretaker.

If elder abuse is going on, you can file a negligence lawsuit against the caretaker or the facility in charge of your loved one. This allows you a chance to seek damages such as monetary relief to help provide your loved one with the funds to pay for a new caretaker, to cover the cost of medical attention required to help with the injuries they sustained from the abuse, and to handle pain and suffering. Call an attorney today to find out what rights you have and how you can help your loved one. Your aging loved one shouldn’t suffer at the hands of someone else who doesn’t have their best interests at heart. Take action, and protect the people you love from harm at the hands of negligent caregivers.

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