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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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A lawyer can be a valuable ally, and their job is above all to help you to learn the legal procedures and to improve your knowledge of the law. To provide an example, perhaps you have fallen on a slippery floor. There are several ways to prove fault if you have slipped on a dirty or wet floor. You may wonder, “Is the owner of the property automatically liable for this fall?”

A lawyer will be able to guide you and indicate the elements that will be useful for your case. Also, establishing the extent of your injuries is a crucial step. A medical expert will, therefore, assess the importance of your injuries in case of injuries caused by accident. Also, remember to keep photocopies of all your necessary documents, and the various letters exchanged with your lawyer.

In this guide, we will explain the evidence you need in your case, as well as the means to prove the various types of harm, whether medical, financial or social. It is also important to keep physical evidence until the final judgment on the case. It is therefore advantageous to obtain legal advice as soon as one is confronted with a legal problem, or whenever one must know their rights and obligations.

Remember, no matter what your medical issues are, they must be well documented. Moreover, just because you consult a lawyer does not mean that you will have to hire him afterward. If the public prosecutor decides to prosecute the person responsible before a criminal court, the latter may order him to compensate you in whole or in part if the government prosecutor considers that his responsibility is not complete.

To prove a financial loss, you should try to provide: tax returns for the last five years before the accident to date, a copy of the pay stubs from the time of the mishap to date, and a copy of any agreement. More than just a legal role, we sometimes tend to expect a lawyer to play the role of a graceful advisor, a position which they are not always able to fulfill, as it all depends on his goodwill.

Finally, never forget the speed of justice, quick to punish, slow to decide or listen. After filing a report of the experts who were appointed to assist you, it will be necessary to assess the amount of compensation sought for each of the specifics of your medical issues. We remind you that the legal code imposes on the applicant the burden of proving the allegations contained in his suit. Also, just like any professional, a lawyer is not there to give free phone consultations, he too must make a living.

It is indeed accurate, and this is unfortunate, that it is challenging to be heard when one wishes to ensure one’s defense as authorized by law. It must be known that some steps should, therefore, be taken directly against the negligent party, thus avoiding any issues. You can, after the filing of the expert reports and determining the cost of your damages, either accept an amicable transaction with the party assuring the responsible or apply to the court to decide on the amount of your compensation.

Remember, for the other party to be liable, their negligence may be a result of the lack of proper signage to prevent accidents involving people walking on a potentially dangerous surface. For the party to be accountable for negligence, their action must be defined as causing the presence of a state of abnormality, surprise, or danger. Remember, any legal action will likely take more than six months, not to mention the expense of legal fees.

Also, if your damages are significant, you need to have your interests defended by a lawyer, preferably one specialized in this area of law. The police service may investigate your complaint by studying the situation to establish the circumstances of the accident and the responsibilities of those involved. You should also consult a lawyer, in particular, when: the negligent party refuses to acknowledge that you have been the victim of an accident, even if you are suffering, and refuses to compensate you. They may decline to pay you because they believe that you do not suffer from injuries, that you have no after-effects, or that your injuries are not the result of an accident.

Also, you may need to consult with your lawyer if the negligent party offers you a compensation less than that to which you are entitled or if they offer a payment that is altogether insufficient. Also, you may need to consult your lawyer if your employer fired you because of your claim against them or you were demoted for the same reason when you returned to work. Remember, if the court has designated a physician to examine you and you think that their opinion is not objective or that you have been poorly or insufficiently examined, then you may need to appeal their decision.

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