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San Diego Lyft Accident Lawyers

A car accident is never a pleasant event. This anguish is further compounded if it is not your fault. If you are a passenger in a ride sharing service, you are at the mercy of the driver and the other cars on the road. While there is usually no problem at all in using such a service, you do need to know that there is legal help available to you if you are involved in a Lyft accident. In the immediate aftermath of the accident, you will have a great deal going through your mind. There are, of course, your injuries to worry about. Your physical recovery should be the most important thing to consider. Beyond that, you probably have a family to look after, a job to attend to, and so much more. People depend on you. We get that. This is exactly why you need a San Diego Lyft accident lawyer looking after your claim every step of the way.

Legal and Liability Issues Surrounding Lyft

First and foremost, it is important to note that California law requires ride sharing companies to have a sizable liability insurance policy taken out on each of their drivers. This includes Lyft. That being said, getting those same companies to just agree to a quick and easy settlement is often about as likely as winning the jackpot in this weeks lottery drawing. If you try to handle the claim on your own, you will likely grow frustrated early on. It might be difficult to get anyone to handle your calls, and those messages just never seem to be returned. The goal of the ride sharing company, and any affected insurance company, will be to get you to settle for a much lower amount of money than you are actually entitled to. Remember, this is not about getting rich. It is about receiving compensation for your injuries, time off work, and other expenses.

What a San Diego Lyft Accident Lawyer Can Do For You

If you find that you have been in a Lyft accident, your first obligation should be to take care of your injuries. As soon as you are physically able to, you should contact a professional lawyer in the San Diego area who specializes in ride sharing accidents. This is how your rights will immediately begin to be protected. Your lawyer will handle the claims process and so much more. You want to have the best legal representation possible, if only to deal with the insurance companies that will be involved. Getting an insurance company to pay out a settlement that is fair to you is often no easy task. They may even come at you with a quick settlement offer. Accept it, and you will get a check almost immediately. However, do not do this as it will almost certainly be for an amount that is far less than your situation warrants. Instead, you will want your Lyft accident lawyer in San Diego taking care of the insurance companies on your behalf.

Your lawyer will also be able to contact each of your medical providers and hopefully get them to hold off on your medical bills while the claims process works itself through. This is an extremely important and valuable service to you. This accident was obviously not in your budget. Even if you have great medical insurance, you may find that the bill for your deductibles and copays alone can go through the roof rather quickly. You know that you are not responsible for these bills, as the accident was not your fault. However, the medical providers will want their money, and understandable so. This can add a level of anxiety to your recovery that simply fuels the anguish you are already feeling. Your lawyer will work to get those bills deferred until your financial compensation settlement is finalized. This should give you the added assurances that you need in order to fully focus on your own recovery.

It All Begins With a Consultation

If you are unsure about what to do after a Lyft accident in San Diego, contact a local professional law firm for a free consultation. It is during this meeting that you will be able to present the facts of your case, show the lawyer the police report, and go over any details that you feel are pertinent to your accident. You will also be able to ask questions of the attorney, as they will also ask you question as well. This will help you to get a better feel of the entire process and what is involved. You should leave this meeting feeling good about your choice of lawyer, and you should feel confident that your case is in good hands. In addition, most lawyers will accept your personal injury case on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not pay for any legal fees until your case is successfully resolved and you are awarded a financial judgement in your favor.

Get Your Financial Settlement

Your San Diego Lyft accident lawyer will work hard to get you the money that you are entitled to. In fact, they will get you much more, on average, than you could ever hope to receive on your own. They understand the system. They know who to contact and how to fill the claim properly. Contact a lawyer in your area today.

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