Each day, thousands of Santa Monica residents depend on safe crosswalks to get them to and from work, school, restaurants, shopping and the post office and other errands. California’s driving laws require that motorists yield to pedestrians and allow them safe passage to cross the street.

When drivers fail to abide by the law, pedestrians are put into jeopardy. Failing to stop in time to allow a pedestrian to safely cross the street could result in serious or life threatening injuries to the pedestrian. In these instances, pedestrians want to hold the driver responsible and look to Santa Monica Pedestrian Accident Lawyers for help.

Investigating of a driver’s record
Santa Monica Pedestrian Accident Lawyers investigate different types of pedestrian accidents including hit-skip, mechanical failure, drivers with medical problems and driving under unsafe road conditions. One part of the investigation is determining the role the automobile driver played in the accident. The automobile operator’s driving history is reviewed to see whether the driver has been involved in other pedestrian accidents or automobile crashes. Lawyers can find out if the driver was negligent due to driving without required corrective lenses or was driving while taking prescription medications.

Investigating vehicle maintenance
Another factor involved in investigating a pedestrian accident is whether the owner of the involved vehicle properly maintained the automobile. Vehicles need continual upkeep since they are driven on a regular basis through heavy city traffic. Failing to check the brakes, headlights, and tires and failure to make necessary repairs places pedestrians at serious risk of injury.

Representing injured pedestrians
Pedestrians proceeding into court on their own to seek compensation for their injuries may run into red tape from the driver, the driver’s insurance company, the company that the driver represents or its insurance company. The driver’s insurance company may offer a settlement to injured pedestrianss, but Santa Monica Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will know whether the offer is a reasonable amount given the circumstances of the accident. A pedestrian with a serious injury may require long-term medical treatment or physical therapy, which will incur out of pocket costs for months or even years. Santa Monica Pedestrian Accident lawyers will fight for the rights of injured pedestrians to receive the compensation they are entitled to under the state of California’s law.

California law allows injured pedestrians to file personal injury lawsuits within six months of the date of an injury caused by an automobile driver. If you, a family member or someone you know have been injured in a pedestrian accident, then contact Santa Monica Pedestrian Accident Lawyers before you head to court so that you can get the legal representation to help protect your rights.