Slipping and falling is absolutely no fun. In addition to the embarrassment that comes from falling while in public, there is also the pain that an individual experiences when they fall. When you fall, you completely and totally lose your balance, and often times, in an attempt to regain your balance you will move your body in a awkward way. It is not uncommon for individuals who slip and fall to hurt their back, their tail bone, twist their ankle, or break a bone. In Simi Valley many of the slip and fall injuries that take place happen either around a pool or in front of a business where the business owner did not clean up something that was a slip hazard.

<strong>Who is at fault?</strong>

When a person falls, others around them might think that they are at fault for not paying attention to where they are walking. However, in most cases the law does not see it like this. Premises liability law is a collection of laws that holds the owner of a particular premises, or a piece of land, responsible for a good portion of injuries that are suffered by individuals who are using that premises.

This means that a landowner, or a property management firm, may have some responsibility for some types of injuries that happen on their property. This applies equally to private property as it does to property that is public.

In many cases where slip and fall accidents occur, the owner of the property failed to do proper maintenance, repair, or upkeep of the property. As a result, they violated California’s state laws that require property owners to keep their property safe. Property owners have the responsibility to see to it that the upkeep of their property does not cause unreasonable risk to individuals who visit their property.

<strong>Lawyers Who Can Help You</strong>

If you injure yourself because of the poor upkeep of the property that you are visiting, or because the owner of the property that you are visiting failed to take reasonable measures to provide you with a safe environment, chances are that you are entitled to bring a claim for any damages that you incurred as a result of your injury. Included in these damages are things like pain and suffering, any wages that you lost as you recuperated, and any additional expenses associated with your recovery.

The laws connected to slip and fall injuries are very complicated. For this reason, it is advisable to contact Simi Valley Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers. Let them use their years of experience to help you get the compensation you deserve. They understand the law, and they will be there to make sure that the law works to protect you and your rights.