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Farar & Lewis LLP is a top rated law firm, with over 40 years of combined experience. Our attorneys have won over $100 million, in combined verdicts and settlements for our clients. You deserve compensation for your pain and suffering, and it's our job to get it for you.


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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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The Right Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Santa Maria

The Pacific Attorney Group presents Santa Maria Personal Injury Lawyers for any accident that results in more than a sore spot or a lump. The sad truth is that personal injury can cost a job by costing time at work. Anyone who is injured as the result of slippery surfaces in businesses and private homes is entitled to compensation to help them back on their feet. Find outstanding representation today and claim due losses.

Protecting the Average Person From Business Misconduct

Every business that works employees in hazardous environments is required by law or at least advised to have accident insurance for all employees. Workers’ compensation is a basic right of the modern workforce, and employers should not punish employees for sustaining injuries when they were not engaging in unnecessarily risky behavior. If an employer attempt to deny responsibility, the harmed worker should see the Pacific Attorney Group to have their basic rights enforced.

The Many Expenses of Hospital Time

A minor injury such as a sprain can disable a person from working for at least a week. This still requires a doctor’s visit to ascertain the extent of the damage and to document the injury as a medical reality. Proper documentation is critical to defending a workplace accident case. Companies might prefer to direct their workers to particular doctors or clinics, but they are perfectly free to seek out an independent opinion.

Broken bones require overnight hospital visits in many cases, and worse injuries could see a person spending a week or longer in a hospital bed. Due to high patient turnover and the expenses of modern procedures and equipment, medical fees greatly exceed the ability of the average person to pay out of pocket. Broken bones can wrack up a bill in excess of ten thousand dollars, and metropolitan areas are even less forgiving.

Employers do not care how injuries are sustained: If a person has an obligation to be at a workplace and they cannot meet this obligation for more than a few days, employers will consider finding a replacement. While most states have laws that protect against this behavior, they are not always aggressively enforced by the public sector. A lawyer’s office dedicated to injured persons is the right tool for protecting rights that critically matter.

Experience and Recognition Win the Day

The Pacific Attorney Group is a collaboration of professional accident lawyers that understand every facet of compensation laws. Employers and private citizens cannot snub their liability, because real friends and businesses are responsible for their actions and property. Large companies have the resources to try to squeeze their way out of financial problems, but they know the Pacific Attorney Group. Their reputation is enough to make any other experienced player take a defensive position.

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