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Thousand Oaks Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

A mix of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists share the roads in Thousand Oaks. Every day drivers are issued citations for failure to yield the right of way at pedestrian walkways, with some collisions producing the worst of injuries and even death.

Even though the roads are shared, motorists are to blame for most of these collisions. Crosswalks, sidewalks and intersections are common places for unexpected accidents. To protect residents, the state has put specific laws in place. Those who need help can seek assistance from Thousand Oaks Pedestrian Accident Lawyers.

Investigating the accident
Thousand Oaks ranks among the safest pedestrian cities in California. The city has installed pedestrian traffic control devices at some of the busier crosswalks and has taken other steps to improve pedestrian safety. By law drivers must yield the right of way to someone crossing the street, whether the crosswalk at the intersection is marked or unmarked. A driver is also required to reduce their driving speed when approaching someone who is using a crosswalk. When working with a client, Thousand Oaks Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will look into what liability the driver has in the accident and will help determine fair compensation for the injured pedestrian.

What to expect
After an accident with a vehicle, a pedestrian can expect to give a statement to the police who will in turn speak with witnesses and the driver to determine who is at fault. Crosswalks can often make a pedestrian feel secure because they have the right of way. It is still up to the person who is crossing to determine when it is safe to do so. A pedestrian will want to know who will pay for their injuries and an attorney can best help them through the red tape.

Representing injured pedestrians
There were 188 pedestrian-vehicle accidents in Thousand Oaks between Jan. 1, 2004, and May 2012. This resulted in 185 injuries and nine deaths. Any driver traveling 30 mph or more can severely injure a pedestrian and cause a fatality. If that driver is uninsured, it still may be possible for the injured person to be compensated. The Thousand Oaks Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will be able to determine what compensation their client is entitled to by law.

If a government agency has been found negligent in a pedestrian accident, the injured party may be given six months to file a claim against the agency. The experienced attorneys at the Thousand Oaks Pedestrian Accident Lawyers will advise you of your rights and file a claim for you, if appropriate. Get the help you need; your quality of life may depend on it.

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