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Laguna Niguel Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Every year, thousands of claims are filed for personal injury cases. If you’ve fallen and injured yourself, don’t assume that the insurance company will treat you fairly. It’s also a bad idea to accept financial reimbursement from the property owner. You need to file a claim and you need to find an attorney. You probably don’t know the legal system front to back like a personal injury lawyer.

<b>Immediate steps after a fall…</b>

Initially you want to go straight to a hospital. Seeking immediate medical attention will ensure that there are no serious internal injuries, promote a speedy recovery, and will look better on the record. Waiting for a significant amount of time between the accident and the hospital visit will suggest that you’re not in as much pain as you may actually be in. Be sure to file a police report if applicable, and then seek immediate medical attention. This is a very important step that must be taken. If your case goes to trial, having this immediate visit on your report will strengthen your case significantly.

<b>Searching for an attorney…</b>

Scanning the local Laguna Niguel directories for a personal injury lawyer can be overwhelming when you add to the equation broken bones or other serious injuries. It’s important to narrow your search down by filtering out attorneys based on the following criteria:

• Is the attorney local? There are plenty of Laguna Niguel slip and fall accident lawyers. It’s worth the extra effort to ensure your attorney is local.

• Does the local attorney specialize in personal injury? Does he or she specialize in slip and fall injuries?

Once you’ve compiled a list of possible candidates, the next step is to proceed with consultations. If a particular law firm does not offer free consultation, move on to the next one that does. You have to keep in mind that you are interviewing a possible employee to work for you. You will pay this person for their work. You have every right to treat this process like a job interview. Ask questions that will give you information helpful in making the final decision. Your list of questions should include:

• How many cases of this nature has this attorney had? Of those cases, how many were successful?

• How long does a case of this nature last, on average?

• Will the attorney accept a contingency fee based pay structure? If the answer is no, move on to the next attorney who will.

• Will there be other attorneys to work on your case? If so, ask to meet these attorneys before a decision is made with this particular law firm.

<b>Do you personally like the attorney?</b>

It may sound strange, but it is a very pertinent question to ask yourself. Do you like the attorney? You’ll be working one on one with this attorney. You will be half of the team and if common ground is not consistent, you can expect a less than pleasing result. The road goes both ways. If you feel that the conversation is not going too well, or that the attorney is not emotionally into your case, move on.

This is a very pivotal decision. Do not sell yourself short.

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