Every day, thousands of innocent pedestrians in Westminster cross streets for a number of reasons. California traffic laws define that drivers have the responsibility to yield the right away to pedestrians in most situations.

However, some drivers ignore all traffic rules that apply to sharing the road with a pedestrian. Such carelessness can leave unsuspecting people in critical conditions for a long term.

Investigating the Driver

Forensic analysis can prove if a driver has violated any traffic laws when striking a pedestrian. For example, tire skid marks on a rod can reveal the approximate speed at which a vehicle was driving before hitting a pedestrian and coming to a stop. Sometimes, Westminster pedestrian accident lawyers will also seek any other relevant evidence such as witness accounts or surveillance cameras from nearby businesses and buildings. Additionally, a driver’s state of being during a pedestrian accident is also important. A DUI or DWI result automatically places the driver of being guilty of hitting a pedestrian.

Legal Representation for Pedestrian Victims

A pedestrian that has been struck by a vehicle can face major obstacles in receiving a proper compensation for injuries sustained during such an accident. An insured driver should have insurance policies that cover expenses for only up to a certain amount. For instance, bodily injury insurance coverage can provide only a small fraction of compensation for total costs of treating serious physical injuries and extended hospital stays. Westminster pedestrian accident lawyers can directly deal with insurance companies and request more than the minimum amount of compensation to be paid out. In fact, a driver may also be liable for out of pocket expenses for covering a pedestrian’s long term medical bills and loss of employment.

Checking Mechanical Failure Issues

Westminster pedestrian accident lawyers can check the inspection records of a car that’s been involved in a pedestrian collision. Driving without an updated state inspection automatically places the driver guilty of striking the pedestrian due to neglect. For example, worn out brakes and poor headlights are some reasons that can be proven as safety violations and neglect for a car involved in an accident with a pedestrian. Lawyers in Westminster can also obtain copies of the driving record of a driver charged in a pedestrian accident. The department of motor vehicles in California can easily share such records with lawyers, the police and any other relevant parties involved in a pedestrian accident.

Pedestrians in Westminster that have been hit by a car have up to six months to file a claim against the involved driver within the state of California. Westminster pedestrian accident lawyers can help innocent victims of car strikes to receive maximum compensation under the court of law in California.