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Whittier Car Accident Lawyers

Each year in the U.S., there are 5 million car collisions reported to police. Due to the high number of vehicles on its roads, Los Angeles has one of the largest number of auto collisions and personal injury cases in the country. As recently as 2008, LA had over 50,000 people injured as a result of a car accident and accounted for over 10% of all auto deaths in the United States. When bad things happen to good people, they need Whittier Car Accident Lawyers.

Reasons for Car Accidents

Car accidents happen for various reasons. While many accidents are unavoidable, others are the result of driver negligence. Perhaps the most prominent type of car accident today involves distracted driving. In today’s world of cell phone texting, eating while on the go and putting on one’s makeup while driving to work it’s no wonder so many accidents occur. Many of these accidents involve teenagers, who fail to realize that taking one’s eyes off the road for only five seconds while traveling at 55 mph lets them travel the length of a football field. Drunk Driving is also another huge factor in car accidents and fatalities. Each year in the U.S., more than 10,000 deaths occur as a result of drunk drivers. When these incidents happen, consulting a Whittier Car Accident Lawyer should be one of the first considerations for victims or their families.

What to do When an Accident Occurs

There are several important steps to take when an accident occurs. The first and most obvious is seeking medical treatment for any injuries. Calling the police so they can file a report is also a good idea, for it will provide documentation of the accident scene. Obtaining information from other drivers, passengers and witnesses such as names, addresses and phone numbers is a smart idea, in the event any of them will need to be contacted by your attorney. However, it’s always good to remember to never speak with an insurance company representative or sign any documents from them or others before first consulting your attorney.

Compensation for Damages

Even if a victim has insurance, a lawsuit may still need to be filed in order to obtain the appropriate amount of compensation. Victims can be compensated for such damages as:
<li>Medical bills</li>
<li>Car repair bills</li>
<li>Lost wages </li>
<li>Restitution for a new vehicle</li>
As soon as possible after an accident, contacting Whittier Car Accident Lawyers can start the process of gaining compensation for any damages sustained due to the negligence of others. With many years of experience and a flexible fee schedule, Whittier Car Accident Lawyers are here to help.

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