Riding the bus throughout Yucaipa is common practice for many residents and visitors. But bus accidents can happen, either through the fault of the driver who was impaired or distracted, or on the part of the bus company that failed to properly repair or maintain the vehicle. Bus accidents of all kinds — from charter and tour to school and city — are an unfortunate result of faulty bus mechanics, poor road conditions, improperly inspected buses and just plain bad driving skills.
<strong>Passenger Bus Accidents</strong>

As a passenger on a bus, you take your life into your hands quite literally. You assume you will be safely transported to your destination. While this is certainly true in the majority of cases, bus accidents can happen that result in injury or death. Those in this situation should be entitled to some form of compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages. When quality of life is disrupted due to negligence on the part of the bus driver or company, a passenger is entitled to compensation under California law. Yucaipa Bus Accident Lawyers can serve the company with a suit that addresses your need for reimbursement of medical and other costs.
<strong>Taking Responsibility</strong>

Public transportation companies may be at fault for injuries suffered while riding a bus, or being hit as a driver of another vehicle or as a pedestrian on the side of the road. They must take responsibility for violating common carrier law in the state to provide adequate “care and diligence” for passengers. Placing faith in Yucaipa Bus Accident Lawyers, injured passengers can get what they need to cover anything from medical bills and lost income to pain and suffering and punitive damages. Attorneys skilled in personal injury law know the intricacies of the legal process and how to go about filing a claim. Holding a bus company, manufacturer, driver, mechanic or inspector liable for their actions or lack thereof can translate to money that covers your losses.

<strong>Determining Fault</strong>

Fault must be determined before a personal injury claim can be filed. This could be on the part of the driver himself who was negligent behind the wheel, it could be the manufacturer who made a faulty component leading to the accident or it could be the mechanics who improperly repaired or failed to address problems with the bus. Other conditions factor in as well, such as the behavior of the other drivers on the road or bad weather. Yucaipa Bus Accident Lawyers can quickly and efficiently file a claim against the guilty party and have up to six months to do so after the accident. Being involved in a bus accident can be traumatic and overwhelming. Attempting to take on the insurance and bus companies can prove less than fruitful if not handled by a qualified attorney.