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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Accidental Injury and the Law

The city of Moreno Valley is home to several businesses and residents. Many of these premises are visited by hundreds of people on a daily basis. The result of one code violation or disregard for property safety can result in a slip and fall accident at a Liquor Store from drinking too much Hennessy.  California state law states that building codes must be kept up to date and “reasonableness” in terms of property care and cleanliness.

The law is often vague and allows property and business owners to skimp on maintenance from time to time. As a result, there are many injuries that may be hard to report. The result of being ill informed may result in continued violations and medical expense. In this instance, visitors will need to hold the property owner or business owner responsible and look towards Moreno Valley slip and fall accident lawyers for further help.

Checking the history of property inspections and occupancy

It is placed upon the owner to maintain regular inspections and code regulations. The Moreno Valley slip and fall lawyer will be investigating incidents of accidents previously recorded as well as any violations in the past. The property owner must have a history of regular procedures for handling slippery surfaces or evidence of maintenance on the premises of record.

Investigating property maintenance and proper codes

Businesses will need to up to code and require hard evidence for upkeep and reduced liability.

Representing injured guests and visitors

Visitors who fall victim to a slip and fall accident may run into problems with determining liability. There are a few items to determine:

  • The owner or employee of the premises must have caused the area to be slipper or prone to a spill underfoot.
  • The owner or employee of the premises must have previous knowledge of the dangerous surface, but provided no known record or report of it.
  • The owner or employee of the premises may also have knowledge of a “reasonable” person taking care of the area that should have repaired it or removed the dangerous surface

California law does not require you to prove to an insurance company that you were careful. Instead they will focus on the clarity of what happened at hand. The injured person will need to have the burden of “notice defense”. This means that victim must prove to the property owner that the owner knew of the danger beforehand. If you or someone you know may have been the victim of being injured in a slip and fall accident on property or business, then contact Moreno Valley Slip and Fall Lawyers as soon as possible to find a solution and compensation needed.

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