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If you were bitten by a dog and it left you with an injury, you should have your case reviewed by an experienced personal injury attorney. Victims have the right to be fully compensated for their medical care, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, loss of income and other considerations.

With very few exceptions, owners are held strictly liable for any injuries inflicted by their dogs. Insurance companies will do anything possible to lace blame on the victim. Without proper representation, victims run the risk of having their claims denied without compensation. Be sure that you have a qualified attorney representing you from the outset of your case.

Understanding California Law Regarding Dog Bites

Many dog owners continue to rely on the so-called “one free bite” rule to protect them from liability in dog bite cases. Since this rule has been eliminated from California law, owners no longer have the ability to hide behind their alleged ignorance of the dogs’ violent propensities. In addition, a bite does not have to take place in order for an injury victim to have a claim. Even if you were knocked down by a dog that was only playing, you can still seek compensation if you were injured.

When you choose our firm, we will thoroughly investigate your case in order to present the most compelling possible argument in support of your claim for damages. We take care of all the legal issues so you can focus on your recovery. We diligently pursue every available option in an effort to secure the compensation you deserve in the most expedient manner possible.

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