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Premises Liability/Trip and Fall
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Alameda Personal Injury Lawyers

Alameda personal injury lawyers are there for families and individuals who have fallen victim to personal injuries that they had no control over. Personal injury claims can be filed for anything for a slip and fall to a car accident or bus accident. Also, workplace injuries can fall into this category when it is believed that the employer of the victim could be at fault.

In every case, a personal injury lawyer is fully-equipped to find the source of the victim’s pain and attempt to get compensation and/or restitution for the victim.

Every personal injury case is different, but they all start with a victim and their story. Victims could have spent days, weeks or even months in the hospital due to something that happened to them, and it is important that they get to tell their story to someone who is on their side. Once the attorney has the story of the victim, they can begin to figure out what actually happened and who is at fault in the case.

With companies and cities, personal injury cases can be investigated to see who was responsible for keeping up with sidewalks or floors, machinery or other items that could have caused the injury to the victim. Somewhere in all of the machinations of business and government is a place where negligence took place or someone is responsible for an event that caused the victim’s injury.

Next, the personal injury lawyer must be prepared to contest the case in court and figure out what damages to request on behalf of the victim. The attorney can choose to argue the case in court or request a settlement from the city or company out of court. In each of these cases, the attorney is prepared to use the evidence they have collected to ensure that compensation is offered for the victim.

The victim could be out of work, disabled or could have been fired as a result of their injuries. These injuries and the resulting problems must be taken into account when the lawyer asks for compensation. The attorney knows how to calculate what will help the individual and their family get back on their feet and on with their lives.

With the assistance of legal representation, any person who has been injured due to someone else’s negligence can be given the monetary help they so desperately in order to move on with their life.

Alameda Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

During a winter where freezing temperatures have visited places they usually avoid, the risk and reality of slip and fall accidents has certainly increased. Still, whether frigid temperatures are expected or not, it should be the responsibility of a properly owner or his or her agents to makes sure that slip and fall risks are removed from his or her property. This might also extend to the municipality where slip and fall took place.

Accidents Happen Year Round
Of course, slip and fall accidents don’t just happen during the winter. They can also occur because a pavement is wet and slippery or because a pavement is broken or uneven. The accident also doesn’t have to occur out of doors. People slip and fall on freshly waxed floors, torn carpets and on staircases with slick, marble treads.

People who have experienced slip and fall will want to turn to Alameda slip and fall accident lawyers.

Who’s At Fault?
The Alameda slip and fall lawyer will need to figure out whether or not the property owner is liable, as a slip and fall doesn’t automatically mean that the property owner is at fault. The owner needs to have caused the hazard in the first place and done nothing to remedy the situation. Or, he or she might not have caused the wet or icy spot but done nothing about it even though he or she knew there was going to be traffic in the area. The owner also had to understand that the area was dangerous since any other reasonable person would have seen the danger and removed it. However, in a court of law much hinges on the word “reasonable.”

Determining Liability
“Reasonable” might require the dangerous spot to have been in the area long enough for the owner to see it and try to fix it. It might also mean that the person tripped over an object that had a reason for being on the ground or the floor in the first place. Other factors will also go into determining an owner’s liability.

A good slip and fall lawyer will also need to look into whether the plaintiff was careless, ignored warning signs or whether he or she had any reason to be in the dangerous area in the first place.

Ascertaining liability will determine whether a person should file a slip or fall claim. Some people first try to file a claim with the owner’s homeowners’ insurance, but if this doesn’t work, an Alameda slip and fall accident lawyer might be the answer. These lawyers have experience in slip and fall accidents and can help a potential client learn if the claim is valid and worth the time and money it will take to pursue it.

Alameda Car Accident Lawyers

Alameda, California, is often touted as “one of the best places to live in America.” That is possibly because this city of more than 75,000 is said to have a small town feeling. It is located on Alameda and Bay Farm islands in the eastern part of San Francisco Bay across from the city of San Francisco. The Bay Farm part is not actually an island but is a piece of the mainland connecting to the Oakland International Airport. In Spanish, “alameda” means “a tree-lined avenue.”

Even cities that feel like small towns can have a big town headache – cars. Like any city in any state, at one time or other, the streets are crowded with automobiles and with people. Mostly that means everyone is getting to where they want to go. However, sometimes it also means accidents, and that means they aren’t going anywhere. It also means they may rely on an Alameda car accident lawyer for help.

Car Accident Records

Every year there are about six million auto accidents in the United States. Three million people are injured in them, and some 40,000 die. Accident reports are usually grouped into three categories:

* Negligence. Cited as the number one cause of auto accidents, negligence means that
the driver did not pay attention to traffic on the road or to road conditions.
* Misconduct. This charge, which often involves alcohol or speeding, may be called
reckless misconduct. The driver may be well aware that he or she is over the
speed limit, for instance, but chooses to ignore it.
* Product liability. The car, not the driver is at fault here, such as a defective
tire that blows. The manufacturer may be charged even though there was no
actual intent to harm.

Post-accident Steps

If you are involved in an auto accident in Alameda, get medical attention at once if there are injuries to yourself or to passengers. The next step should be a call to an Alameda car accident lawyer. A car accident in Alameda, as in almost any city in the country, can turn into a complex case. Let an experienced car accident lawyer go through the red tape and let you recover from injury or just the mental turmoil of the accident itself. You may be due compensation for injuries, lost wages, and the loss of or damage to your car.

Don’t add to the trauma of an accident by going through the post-accident period on your own. An Alameda car accident lawyer knows the steps to take, the papers to file, and the doors to open. We are here to help. If you are involved in any way in a car accident in Alameda, call us now.

Alameda Bus Accident Lawyers

Every day, hundreds of residents of Alameda rely on buses to get to school, work, shopping plazas, government offices and other important locations. Under California law, bus drivers are required to practice safe and cautious driving habits when transporting passengers throughout Alameda and the surrounding areas. Neglect on behalf of a bus driver or bus company can lead to accidents with plenty of injuries for passengers on board.

Reviewing Bus Safety Records

Alameda lawyers can investigate any issues that are related to mechanical failure or neglect on buses that have been involved in an accident on the road. Failure to make important repairs is defined by law a safety violation for a bus company and its drivers. Lawyers in Alameda can obtain records of annual safety inspections that can reveal any urgent needs for mechanical repairs such as on the brakes, transmission and engine. Improper interior and exterior lighting is also considered a safety violation that lawyers can prove. Additionally, a lack of proper restraining systems such as seat belts can also be proven as a safety violation on a bus. Poorly inflated or worn out tires on a bus are some other common safety conditions that can be linked to increasing the risk of getting into an accident.

Bus Driver Record Check

Lawyers of Alameda can check the driving record of a bus operator that has been involved in a bus accident with on board passengers. Minor moving or traffic violations in private cars and commercial vehicles can be traced for any bus driver. Under California law, a bus driver with a poor driving history is more likely to be held responsible under for a role in a recent bus crash. Alameda lawyers can easily prove if a bus driver has been convicted of major violations such as speeding, DUI or DWI. Additionally, Alameda bus accident lawyers can check if a bus driver that’s been involved in an accident has the proper driving certification.

Representing the Interests of Injured Passengers

Alameda bus accident lawyers can represent the interests of injured passengers that have been victims of a crash. Insurance companies want to minimize the compensation for personal injury and other claims. Alameda lawyers can request that the bus insurance companies pay the appropriate amount for immediate and long term medical expenses that involve physical therapy and other medical tests such as X-rays.

Any bus accident victim in California has up to six months to file a claim against a bus operating company that’s responsible for a crash. Alameda bus accident lawyers can help injured bus accident passengers receive the maximum compensation and full recovery after suffering at the hands of a bus company due to neglect or other reasons.

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